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Wednesday, October 03, 2007

OK, it's official...i'm excited!!!!

Bring it, Chicago...you are gonna be my biaaaatch again.

And why???/ why the chance of heart. Cause i'm feeling the need for speed again...finally two runs of under 8 minute paces. Finally, a nice 3 miler yesterday at 22:41, ok not the fastest i have gone but each mile was faster than the previous, and today a great 5 miler at 49:00/ 7:48 pace.

Now, really i'm not talking about a bq or anything, but i think i may surprise myself this weekend. i think i have an outside chance to.....dare i type it?....a....fear not......just type.....PR??

Why not, weather should be good and i'm not even taking throwaway gloves with me...
but on to more important things like young boys and rockets.....Jimmy is a Tiger Cub this year and what a great way to relive childhood memories.....through your own child....without the nasty baggage of ugly childhood memories.
Now, while i do not, and most likely will not be donning a boy scout uniform as Den leader, what am i thinking? But the other den leaders do...and truthfully grown men wearing boy scout uniforms is a little odd. Sorta like baseball managers wearing the jerseys. i mean really picture Pat Riley pacing the sidelines of a heat game in a Heat uniform. weird eh???

but, moving on Jimmy had rocket launch day and man was it fun.....i think he had a good time too!!!! Except for the yawning part.

Oh yes the count down and the fun of hoping that the ignitor was correctly installed.

With cloud of smoke....yep...all things are good and i sure hope the parachute opens cause it may be an early day if it doesn't....

....yep it opened. yippee!!!! a rocket for another day!!!!

Anyway thanks for reading
and thanks for wishing me luck this weekend.


L*I*S*A said...

Yep, I'm ready to run.

While I'm not so confident in breaking my self-imposed 5 hr. barrier, I know I'll have a damn good time.

Nitmos said...

Go get 'em Tiger (cub)! We did the rocket blast off thing a few summers ago. It lasted about 10x until the wind carried it far, far away...

See you tomorrow.

Bob said...

Glad to see the juices flowing again. Wait until you get to the windy city. Best of luck and I would expect a PR you definelty have it in you. Enjoy your weekend and I look forward to the race report.

Russ said...

that's what life is all about isn't it....good luck in chicago

Anonymous said...

Lukie congrats on having a marathon this weekend.

Mine is still 36 days away and that means 3 more long runs of 17-22 miles, 3 10 mile tempo runs at nearly max effort, then the craziness that is envolved with the taper.

I will have "Steers" printed on my bib number and I will cross the finish line doing the "Steers" hand signal.

Enjoy your race and I look forward to reading the results of yours and others shortly after the race.

Go Steers!


Mir said...

You're gonna kick ass! Best of luck!

Juls said...

Good luck!

Fran said...

good luck!