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Sunday, October 21, 2007

A little Starbucks research for a friend.....

Well one week down and 16 more until i head back to St Louis for the final step in my training. The difference this week folks is i opened for bidness. So it's been a few days of walking door to door, timeblocking phone sessions to stay in contact with people i met through knocking on doors, and client meetings.

Friday was an entire day of meetings, not with clients but with the region of Financial Advisors in the area. So Saturday i made up for the day with two client meetings and a little marketing in between.

Needless to say, i haven't had much time for other things.

but i have a new website.

Anyway, back to the post as i notice a friend has mentioned she should buy Starbucks as she's always at said coffee place. Well Compliance prevents me from making a recomendation here, but here's some public knowledge stuff.

Anyway, it may seem i have a dull job but not really. Although the long days seem to keep me from running or blogging or blogging about running and reading others blog about running, or just blog for the sake of things....i really like the idea of building a new bidness.

Since, i would now be unemployed had i stayed in the mortgage bidness, since my old office is closing in a week and all the loan officers were let go last week.

But really....last Monday the bottom of our hot water heater decided it didn't want to be part of the hot water heater any longer and struck out searching for it's own independence...... which sounds great except for the water left to freely pour out of the bottom of said water heater.

Three inches or so of water through the basement....not so much a good thing.

But i have a new hot water heater now. Should be good for at least ten years.

But luckily this emptying and drying has really allowed me to look back on things i have hoarded over the years and why. If i ever get a chance to post again before the freshness subsides, i'll try to mention what i have found.

thanks for reading


Fun Guv said...

Oh and don't forget that the hot water tank tried to keep doing it's job by refilling itself continuously for who knows how long. It could have been 5 minutes (doubt it, by the volume of water I found) to an hour and a half, which would have meant it just waited for me to walk out the door before giving way.

Fun Days!!!

As much as I've been meaning to clean out my basement, this is not the push I wanted.

L*I*S*A said...

I can't wait to read about what you've found in the basement.

Good thing the comics were stored up high off the floor.

I'm off to read about Starbucks.

Can I buy just one share?

Gknee said...

Although the stocks don't really seem to be fantastic, I do hear that it is a good company to work for. Not that I'm itching to become a barista.

Animal said...

Just one of the many reasons that, should I decide to have my "dream home" built one day, I'd go with a tankless water heater. Eventually, they all give way like this, and most people don't preempt the mess. Myself included.

L*I*S*A said...

Love the Steers Running Club pic. I gotta get on the ball with a shirt and logo. I'll do it soon, I promise.

Fun Guv said...

Scott, our little mess did spark my dad to go out and buy a new hot water tank. They just can't imagine that basement getting flooded...especially after the waterfall we had for Christmas & New Years that year!