"Beware when the great God lets loose a thinker on this planet." ~Ralph Waldo Emerson US essayist & poet (1803 - 1882)

Friday, November 16, 2007

All great stories start with a well written sentence.

That's not to say this is a great story but as i have been away from updating for various work and running related reasons let me at least be comforted with the fact that at least today i am putting digits-to-keys again and enjoying some time to dump out some thoughts....

Random eight things....

Not sure about the task...as i haven't really read or typed in a while and my brain has turned to mush, i seem to have been "tagged" with a task of posting of 8 random things...if i post eight....well...not quite random in preparation eh?

But to move on....sorta random

Superman....y'know the illegal immagrant who wears his underwear as outerwear

i've always been a big fan....and while big blue tends to not make a good impression on the big screen the ideal of Superman....why???

Well, Superman represents Americana, yet the character was created by Canadians, Toronto was actually the inspiration for Metropolis, well nice idea but really Supe's inspires me because of the nature of man. In his case...

Absolute Power does not corrupt absolutely

In an odd way i associate Superman to my grandfather, the two are intertwined as my grandfather died during the death of superman story-line from 1992.

Now, this is not meant to be a melancholy post....it's just a reason why for ten years i collected every Superman comic i could get my hands on. So i guess maybe there are two reason i tend to idolize Superman.

Anyway....as the posts rambles on.....my dear friend, Scott, actually listened to me one day when i mentioned putting together a mix CD of popular songs with Superman references in them. And so for my birthday, a year ago he gave me such a CD. With a nifty little bit of a cover to the jewl-box and everything.

As i listened to it today...i realize the thought that went into the gift and, while the songs aren't quite what i would have picked, i don;t think i have ever properly thanked him...So....Thanks!!!!

Moving on from this, or with this....or something....i think it's is again time to update the look of the blog..... maybe another revamp of the appearance will inspire me to type more often. This post has been tedious and yet it's more of a rustiness, with some familiarity......y'know, that feeling of re-hooking up with an old girlfriend after a year or two apart....familiar yet.....the exact words escape.....hmmmm. Well that's the tedious part again.

Moving on to another random thought....and i realize i haven't read any other post in a week or so, but ....isn't quoting yourself redundant??? Like referring to yourself in third person.

Mike thinks as Mike types this post that Mike's an ass, not really mike's...i mean....my usual diction, eh?

Congrats to Tange, sometime stalker, as he nailed his last marathon and finished in 3:16:something. Great Work!!!! (how's that for a random statement??)

Let's get back to the man crush.....

Saw the Boss last week. remeber when i used to post regular about stuff? He is the man!!! If i could pick one person to shake hands and gush about how much i admire his work....it would be his....

Actually, this features two of my favorites...honestly they could have been promoting clubbing baby seals and i woulda jumped at the chance to see these two on stage together.....

But, for last weeks show....great show....great new album....if i wasn't such a big fan, i would have been bummed cause it was definitely not a greatest hits style show. Great set list....but again not the hits.

And just cuz Jimmy hasn't been on a post in a while

That's my boy!!! Dancing with the Stars???? watch out, this kid is ready to mambo!!!!

Thanks for reading, if you stuck around long enough to see if i updated.....

(Thank goodness for GLRChick, to send me an email once in a while to update a post)


Gknee said...

I want a video of you and Fun Gov hula hooping!!

L*I*S*A said...

Just glad you're still among the living. I figured you were busy with work. :)

Animal said...

At the 34-second mark of your Jimi video...well, let's just say he has the manic physicality of his father right there. Heh-heh.

Anonymous said...


You burried my BQ 3:16:29, with a 95 second negative split at the Richmond Marathon in the middle of today's blog update?

So much for promoting the Steers running club.


Kim said...

I think Animal's "random" suggestion did contain a limit of eight things...I think you went over by a few. Nice to have you back!