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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

40 on 40

i truly need to credit this gem with the orignator of the Steers moniker. Thanks Tange, no really, thanks

He sent me an email about his endeavor to try for this on his 40th and so i joke about it with GLRG, and Voila...

a challenge has been issued, well not so much a challenge but a chance to try for it.

Why not??? After all, like i'm gonna let a trumpet player do this to me, a bone. It's a band thing.

Since we both turn 40 within days of each other a couple rules:

We need a support vehicle, no running with camel-baks.....sig-other(s) can follow and meet with water and gu... and god knows what else a person needs when running a marathon and a half in one day.

We can't do this on the day of the summer BBQ, 'nuff said there

Friends and family are encouraged to join us on bike or foot for a couple or hell, all the miles, except those manning the support vehicle, what do ya say, Nitmos, got a few miles in ya???

And there may be more rules to follow and maybe even an idea of a route. Like an area downhill and going from west to east the whole time, to take advantage of prevailing winds, that's using my noggin!!!!

The Bayshore.....is looking like an event to debut the Steers Long Distance Project jerseys at....if they exist by that time. There may be 4 steers there....2 halfer and 2 fulls....a maybe a 5th if i can sell Kim COG, to sign up for the half and recruit her into the SLDP. SWEEEEEET!!!!

Dances With Dirt!!!!!!

Welcome to the dark side of running.
Weak, wimpy, treadmill running pansies who are afraid to get some dirt in their shorts need not apply.
Expect to be scratched, muddied and bruised by the beauty of this unpolished gem.
Expect to get out near the edge where life is full color.
Expect a day that leaves you knowing you are fully alive, awake and crankin' on all cylinders.
Expect insanity, stupidity and nirvana.

Amazingly....i have been invited to join a 100k existing team for DWD next fall. If this works out...i will get to run 2 legs of this monster. un-effing-believable.....

Somehow, the story of me withstanding the heat in Chicago and finishing impressed a few people on a team and when they had an opening....my name came up....no pressure here, eh???

Anyway...thanks for reading....and i think i may be due for a political tirade....after all.....looks like Obama might win in Iowa. The guy looks like a runner and is also struggling to quit smoking right now!!!!


L*I*S*A said...

Yesssssss!!! Glad you are in the insanity with me on this 40/40. It's gonna be great.

And, I'm still jealous about the DWD. Grrrrr.....can't you get a gal on a team?

Triseverance said...

Ok big thumbs up on the Dances with Dirt, very cool.

The 40 at 40 is a bit looney but what the heck.

Nitmos said...

I may be persuaded to join 40/40for a few miles...work it into whatever training plan I'm on at that time. Long way off though...my brain melts if I think that far in advance.

As far as Bayshore. We need shirts. We also need Brett to commit to the half. He's running right? Get him up there! Also, TC sounds nice over Memorial Weekend for any Steers runners from Florida.

L*I*S*A said...

I'm working on the shirts, I PROMISE!!

Anonymous said...


When will the 40 on 40 be? I will be in MI in early June.

As for your course, why not do a 5 or 8 mile loop course and have a bike join you as your pace/food vehicle.

So as for Boston, what am I suppose to do, just scribble "Steers" on the front and back of my singlet?

No Bayshore for me. I might do the Dexter A2 half marathon the following weekend unless that is the weekend of the big birthday run.

The more I think about the 40 miler, the more I think that I would be willing to pass up Boston to do a 40 on my 40th.

Call me nuts, but I have shunned Boston before.


Anonymous said...

Tange here again.

What about doing the 40 miles at Stoney Creek and do it on their 10K trail. Do 1.4 miles out and back first, then do the loop 6 times, alternating direction each time.

Park the car near the beach, and carry the supplies in the bike.

As for gu and water, with the amount of calories that are going to be burned, I would be thinking "real food" during the run.

I really want to be in on this!!!

Go Steers!!


L*I*S*A said...

Tange, I have never met you, but I definitely want you to be in on the 40/40 with us. This was your idea originally, so it's only fitting that you be with us.

I love the Stoney Creek idea...sounds perfect.

No scribbling on shirts. I'm going to have some designed.

Kim said...

Mike, you persuasive devil...I accept the invitation to do the Bayshore Half on behalf of Steers. Just consider me the Weakest Steer!

Anonymous said...

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