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Sunday, November 25, 2007

Well back by popular demand, a running post

It's been a good few weeks of running around here. i am starting to use the treadmill a little bit. With Fun Guv picking up extra hours at work and my new career, i must admit to finding the DREADMILL to be an easy way to log in the miles, of course a working TV and DVD or good sports game helps.

Anyway....looks like i am hitting my favorite time of year to run. The early winter around the holidays, what a fun way to stroll through the neighborhoods; a lite dusting of snow, a crisp dryness to the cool air, and of course, the Christmas Lites. I even have a totally dorky looking Red-n-Green Christmas colors oufit to wear. Not quite the GLR Chick's little running shirt but to each their own, right? Like i could pull off the red and green look with a shirt on?????

On to a borrow Post Race Marathon Report:

Tange sent me this little gem after his outstanding showing at Richmond, sorry no pictures.


I still have a ways to go to get to 2:57. Kim saw the pics tonight and asked what I was doing with my hand.

I told her “Steers running club” she just rolled her eyes. I like the ones were both my feet are off the ground.

Here is a mini recap of the race If I haven’t sent it to you yet.

I ran my first half just as planned (no miles faster than 7:30 miles and split the half in 1:39:00. It was actually 1:39:04). Then around mile 15 I hooked up with 3 guys who started picking up the pace around mile 18 and I ran my fastest 10k of the race from mile 20 on. 6 of my fastest 8 miles were after mile #18 including my fastest mile of the day, a 7:10, to finish the race. I thought I had a 3:20 in me, maybe a 3:19, but no way I thought I had a 3:16:30 in me. Before that race, I thought the negative split marathon was just fiction, or people just slacking off for the first half then getting serious in the second half.

Richmond is a great course, decent crowd support and if I guy who hasn’t seen a hill in 4 months can do the rolling hills of Richmond, anyone can. The course starts out going due west for the first 4 miles before any turns, so that helps out a lot in not having to weave around people and keeping the 26.2 mile race a 26.2 mile race and not 26.7 miles.
Nice job, Tange!!!!
Moving to other running things, i'm going to try to stop taking my good fortune for granted. At least from a running stand, i tend to forget that i have dear friends who can't run at all due to medical issues, while i tend to whine about my pace being off a couple seconds from one week to the next. And some of these people are folks who would like to run a little.
That said, i have picked a spring marathon to train for, or maybe it picked me again as the Bayshore seems to fit into my schedule perfectly, with another runner or two i know doing it. What the heck??? Let's enjoy the training, enjoy the race and try to run the best race i can run on that particular day.
Anyway that's a long way off. There will be plenty of time to keep posting about running and stuff i think about while running in the next few months. I think i have worked out a decent work/life schedule finally.
We'll see
Thanks for reading


L*I*S*A said...

Great post...I think we both know the person who would LOVE to run but can't due to his back. Damn back issues.

Also, great job Tange.

I really need to get working on those Steers Running Club t-shirts.

Oh, and I'm still uber-jealous of your participation in DWD next year.

Mir said...

Ah, Bayshore again! I hope to make it back up there sometime soon. Good luck with training!

Nitmos said...

Bayshore is a great race. I won't be joining you for the marathon. That'll be too soon after Boston for me. However, I am planning to do the Bayshore half marathon. I'll see you on the course!

Triseverance said...

Good for you Mike, I love planning and winter running as well.