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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

This may be the last post prior to the Big Run Saturday.

So, in case i forget, thanks to all the well wishers who have called or emailed or commented with support.

Taper, Smaker.....

i had a nice 3 mile taper run, slow easy.....not.....really....it was a good base/good weather/short run combo that led to an 7:09 average pace.....21:28, not bad eh????

Yep, dear friends, my warm-up mile was 7:20, followed by a 7:02, dammit almost a <7:00 mile, and a 7:08. This wasn't even difficult.

i promise to go slower at the start saturday.

Anyway on to the folks i will be missing:

Namely....Mark and Lisa....sorry you won't be there. i admit that while gknee is so far away, i will get a happy warm fuzzy wishing me well, and with the distance...that's great, i miss you lot's and love stalking your blog.

New work is going well, but things are a little hectic as i am trying to finish up a 45 hr week prior to leaving on Friday afternoon. 4 hrs to TC, check in to hotel, register to run, eat pasta and go to bed (but no sleep)

This week, finalize running gear, get GU, charge up batteries for various equipment, pack,

Don't Forget Shoes......

People to think about while running marathon

  1. Fun Guv
  2. Allison
  3. Mackenzie
  4. Jimmy
  5. Animal
  6. Tess
  7. Roslyn
  8. Tyler
  9. Mark
  10. Lisa
  11. Gknee
  12. Mom
  13. Kim
  14. Kim
  15. Nitmos
  16. King
  17. Brett
  18. Steve
  19. Annette
  20. Runner Girl
  21. Russ
  22. Miranda
  23. Jim
  24. Cheryl
  25. Chris
  26. Carey

.2 me

i don't mean to sound sappy, cause actually i am ready to get started. i am so excited to get this one over with.

Let's hope for good weather

Thanks for reading


Animal said...

Rock & roll! See you Friday.

Gknee said...

Run Forest Run! (I wonder how many runners hear that from their friends) Anyway, Hugs and good vibes from the Sunshine State! I am a little jealous of you heading to TC though.. I miss Northern Michigan and it's quaintness. Ok..enough of me..this is all about you. Have fun!

L*I*S*A said...

On my 26.2 reasons, I, too, listed myself as the .2 person. It really is about so many others besides oneself.

Go get 'em.

Fran said...

Wow that's fast! You look like you're going to rock that marathon. Good luck!!

Nitmos said...

I predict this marathon will be the first step before you really take off this summer. This is bookend #1 and Chicago bookend #2 to a great summer of running!

See you up there!

I'm changing the Karnazes inspired motto from "Embrace the pain" to "Embrace the rain"...

Running Jayhawk said...

Go out and kick some ass, Mike!

Mike said...

of course Lisa...

i borrowed (stole) the .2 from you....

Anonymous said...

GL Mike. You will do awesome!