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Friday, May 18, 2007

Bib #580

There it is. The official Bib # 580, for the bayshore.

It's really here. This is a big moment when the marathon is now real in my mind. i have a bib#

Since i am midway through the taper a few reflections.

Since i am running my second marathon, i have my goals in mind, as far as finishing and time and with respect to what i can control.

But with respect to what i cannot:

-i consider myself fortunate to have not suffered through any running injury yet. As i have stalked other blogger/runners, i noticed that recurring theme, both bayshore and non-bayshore. Two of my fellow bayshore bloggers have had injuries that will prevent them from running/finishing or even starting the attempt to finish the full or half. To both Russ and Runner Girl, my deepest regrets you will not be able to run.

-i will be giving myself up to the elements next weekend. 7:00 am late May, can be chilly along the shores of Grand Traverse Bay, but it can be unbearably sticky quite quickly. Average temps be damned, i know to expect 40's at the start and up to 80's by the finish. That's just life in Traverse City and it could always rain.

-Phantom aches and pains of the taper are normal. i know to trust the healing of the taper as preparation for the long run, and with less miles i will not lose my current fitness level, but i'd be lying if i didn't desire to be running more.

-What do i do next? Three weeks is a 10k trail/adventure run. Y'know dirt/mud/river crossings/massive hills; do i give it a go? It's close to home. i have an inkling to give it a go.

-Since i have received all of my study materials and i start the new gig monday, how much running will a be able to do?

So in retrospect, mid-taper here's where my thoughts are:

i'm excited to get to another marathon
i'm excited to get to another race after the marathon
i'm excited to start a new career
i'm excited for Nitmos as he attempts a try for Boston
i'm excited to think i could give it a go, in a future marathon attempt
i'm ecstatic that i have not yet suffered through a nagging running injury

i'm in a good place right now. Piston's are still winning, Wings are in another great playoff series, Tigers still exciting in this early season, and the Lions are off-season.

Anybody else have any positive things to say???

Life is good, anything else i can jinx????

Thanks for reading


L*I*S*A said...

My Bulls will come back strong next year.

Enjoy the taper.

Animal said...

WINGS are in a playoff? Uh...when did hockey come back??

Nitmos said...

We are ready to roll!! No, you didn't jinx the Red Wings (somebody did but I'm not sure who). If the weather holds, we are in for a great day I think. If the weather doesn't that's okay too. We are on our home turf and, like the Steers Macker teams, we are mudders after all!

Let's do it! Corral C for Chicago, here you come!

Kim said...

Have a GREAT time this weekend, and enjoy the run! And good luck with the new job, I'm pulling for ya!


Mir said...

I'd say go for the 10K. Three weeks is enough time to recover enough to run and have fun, but maybe not to PR, which is fine since this doesn't sound like a PR race. :)

Best of luck this weekend! I can't wait!