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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Happy Birthday Fun Guv'nor

Yep, today is a big day around the house and i always think Fun Guv gets a little pimped in the month of May. Our Anniversary, Mother's Day and Birthday are usually within 10 days of each other.

Anyway..... Happy Birthday.

Wha a ham.

Yesterday's 5 mile run was great. And at 38:54, it felt fast. Today is a crosstrain day and with Lisa's Birthday, i'll be eating lots soooooo a nice relaxing bike ride should be nice.

Brush with Pseudo-Celebrity......

Well, i thought a video with Velvet Revolver would be a hint.

He bellied up to the bar Saturday night after VR played a show in Royal Oak. Matt and, i think, the tour manager just had a couple glasses of wine and tried to get some food delivered for Scott, Slash and Duff.

Now, i've had a few brushes with folks at the hotel over the years. Kennedy, of Mtv Fame, was a doll and nothing like her old persona. Aaron Neville may be the largest man i have ever met. Neal Diamond requested all hotel employees turn and face the wall if he walks by because he didn't want to have eye-contact with anybody. Hank Williams, Jr may have been one of the coolest as he was in for the SuperBowl and just wanted to meet and greet and take pictures.

Matt was a drummer in one of my favorite bands, heck, two if you count The Cult.

i was extremely surprised that he was such a great guy to talk with. The bar was empty, and security had to keep some groupies away from the hotel just of the Scott and Slash factor but who wanted to see the drummer???

Well, he was cool, and i got a sense that he's asked about GnR a lot. So i didn't ask about Axel or Slash or any GnR stuff, but i did extend my appreciation of the groups he has been in and we left it at that.

Anyway, it was a fun night at the bar.

Thanks for reading, and happy birthday Lisa


Nitmos said...

Happy Birthday, Lisa!

Jill has the same deal with birthday/Mother's Day basically always within a few days of each other. On the positive side, it's hard to forget and everything comes at once as far as remembering and gift buying. Bonus.

I once saw Steven Adler's band advertised as playing at a bar in Kalkaska. How far was that fall?

L*I*S*A said...

Oh darn!

I was hoping you got Dave Navarro's phone number for me.

Happy Day of the Birth, Fun Guv!!

Animal said...

Happy birthday, Fun Guv! We love ya.

There are several things I love about Jimi's video:
1) he seems to be playing a red SG (Angus would be proud);
2) he seems to be wearing camoflage PJs (Uncle Ted would be proud)
3) he's juming around to "Shout at the Devil" (Uncle ANIMAL is proud!)


Fun Guv said...

Thanks for the birthday wishes guys. Been having a fairly relaxing day doing a whole lot of nothin'

Scott, Jimmy's using the guitar that is meant for the guitar hero game! The only noise he can make with it is that clicking you hear or he can plug it in and play along with the game.

Funny how I thought of you when he started jumping around ~ I figured you'd be proud. Reminded me of when I took my sister to the Kiss show 2 weeks before Mack was born and we were so close to the stage she could really see what was going on (compared to Tiger Stadium being so far away). She told me the way you danced totally made sense after seeing Kiss up close :-P

Gknee said...

Happy Birthday Lisa! Sorry my post is at the end of the day. Hope your day was relaxing!

Fran said...

Happy Birthday! My mom's birthday is today also.

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday fun guv. I would love to meet you sometime, perhaps at the Boston Marathon in 2009.