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Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Over 400 miles and counting.....

Since i really went off on a tagent last post, i'll try to behave better this one and keep to running, mostly.

Today was a nice 7 mile run. Reminding me again that a body needs to recover somewhat after a 20 miler, i was a little sore for the first two miles. i did end the trip on a nice 7 miles 58:39, and after the first two, i went a little too fast, no Nitmos here, but i did take a 3 minute walk break in the middle and left the timer going as i walked.

So i have ran over 400 miles this year, i don't really have a goal in tracking mileage, it's more of a curiousity. The biggest shocker is that today is the 8th of May and i have already gone 43 miles.

About the taper. i really have a couple more hard training runs ahead. Technically, Thursday is my last speed day. 8 miles, 1 mile warmup, 4X1600m @ 7:22 pace w/ 800m recovery, 1 mile cooldown. Saturday is a 12 miler. So although 12 miles doesn't sound long in my head anymore, it is still going to take about 1:40 to run it, so it's not really "taper time" yet.

But with the taper starting on May 15, Fun Guv's birthday, i have 8 runs until the marathon.

2 this week, already in this post
6 during the taper, real short and less intense although some tempo work,.....finally
1 Marathon.....

On a happy side note, i am happy to report that while i do not train to lose weight, i am down to 195 and a smidge, per our bathroom scale.

More true rambling to follow

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Gknee said...

400 miles..wow!

Nitmos said...

You're right about taper...still some hard runs to go but mentally I'm in that mode.

7 miles in under 59 minutes including a 3 min walking break? Well on your way to the goal of 7 mph I would say!

Plan to be at my folks place in the afternoon after the race for a feast.

Mir said...

I don't think you have to apologize for going off on a tangent--the blog is titled "Mike has a Thought," after all. It seems to be built in. :)

Congrats on your 400 miles, and it's only May. Nice job!