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Wednesday, May 30, 2007


the other big numbers.....

8:34 per mile pace
#375 overall out of 1292 finishers
#47 out of 111 in age/gender division
based upon my finishing time i was given an estimate of a 1:46:22 halfway point and that was dead on.

i'm thrilled with my time. i'm thrilled with the time i ended with.

i am 2/3rds of the way through 3 marathons in a 12 month period,.....and i love running a marathon more after the second one.

Lets do the quick(?) post race report narrative:

After not being able to sleep, i opted to post about the prerace jitters. Since the hotel was full of runners i was able to meet a few half marathoners who were leaving to get to one of the busses going to the half marathon starting point. i was a ble to watch the sun rise as our hotel sat on the east arm of the bay.

The slight reddish hue brought thoughts of "red skies at night...sailors delight, red skies in mornin', sailor take warning...." the possible rain. Forecast had rain getting there by late afternoon, the race itself was going to be incredible. As the sun rose, there wasn't a cloud in the sky.

After a cup of coffee, and the halfers left, it was nearly 5:30, so i cancelled my wakeup call and decided to shower before the race. Lisa was just getting up as i exited the shower and i went through my pre-race routine of double checking everything. Batteries in MP3 player, Garmin charged up, socks, shoes, bib hanging in a comfortable manner, pace bands.

Pace bands were new and thanks to Tange, i had a way to use them. i printed 3 and hung them upside down on my shirt. So i could look down and check my goal pace with actual pace. Why 3??? well, stacked on top of each other and safety pinned to my shirt i had my goal time 3:45, sandwiched between my dream time 3:40 and my worse case be happy with time of 3:55.

Fresh, dressed....like a million bucks....we headed out the hotel and made our way to the college. Fun Guv dropped me off, and i took in the sites. After a quick pee, i found Nitmos, and with his wonderful wife...made pleasant talk of BQing and other upcomming races.

Finally the national anthem... it was time to get ready, a horn sounded and we were off, in a cloud of shuffling feet slowly making their way to the start line mats.

ring, ring, ring, ring goes all the mats and with a quick start the timer on my Garmin, and we were off. All conversation ended as we were discussing the merits of the Mackinac Island races with another runner, but that was pre-starting mat. Now were are racing. i wished Nitmos luck and off he went....
Mile One was a bit conjested, but it did help me keep my pace down. Pace was 8:28, perfect i thought, but the crowd slowed me down, now we were spaced out (insert joke) what was going to happen now?

Mile 2 through 8, all in the low 8 minute pace range. This is a little nervous time for me. i am going much quicker than expected, and i am banking time in my dream pace. a little devil appears on a shoulder and says",you're going too fast, you'll never make it, slow down. That little twinge you feel in your hammy is going to snap, and that slight pain in ankle is a stress-fracture. slow down....slow down"

Then the little angel pops up on the other ",screw that guy!!! you're in the best condition of your life. Keep going this fast, and after a few more miles let's go faster. The hammy will loosen up as will the calf/ankle. Of course you're faster, this is the first long run you have done all year without a 5 lb weight on your back. Most important....enjoy the speed, embrace it...put out your best effort now"

So, i kept going, at a nice controlled clip, relying on the training and feeling natural at the 8 minute pace.

Mile 9 through 13, as i was passing some people an gentleman nodded and said "hi, nice pace." i thanked him and didn't think much about it until a few seconds later i realized he had fallen in, right behind me. Could it be???? A few more seconds and i have to ask.

"Am i being drafted?"

"hope you don't mind??" Is he kidding me? Mind? This is great!!!! "you moving real good and you have some broad shoulders to catch the wind"

"No problem, glad i can help...." i'm being drafted. Me....my second ever marathon. i've only been running a little over a year, i used to weigh almost 70 lbs more then at this moment, and i was being drafted.

So now, i'm rreally going and living off new adrenaline. 3 of these mile are under 8 minute pace. Alas, my new running partner, parasite, bails just passed the 12 mile mark. He couldn't keep up, but by this point i had seen a few returning marathoners.

Just past the mile12 marker, i realize i hadn't seen Nitmos yet. How fast was i going??? The i saw him and i waved as we approached each other. He looked real strong, and i guess i did too at this point. He hadn't expected to see me so soon.

Nimos.....red shirt

Halfway.....1:46: somechange, per the Garmin. Rock on!!!! do a 2 hr half and finish in target.

13 through 16....wow, i really am cruising. Heading back, i see the masses of runners behind me. And they're encouraging all the runners heading back to stay strong. you got a good pace going. Keep going. It's a very Zen feeling, to encourage runners miles behind you to keep moving and stay strong, while they are wishing you the best at the same time. The down and back, what a great way to run. Who needs spectators to cheer when the runners can all cheer each other?? More fast miles, mile 16 was my second fastest mile of the day at 7:49.

Spectators... every 4 miles was a viewing area along the route. Where traffic from a side street could meet the running route. The crowds were great. The enthusiasm more than made up for the size. My quickest recorded spurts were all through these little masses, usually bookending a water station.

At mile 16, just past the crowds i took my first walk break. I was just under 2:10 per the garming.

Mile 17 and 18, even with a short break, mile 17 was under 9 minutes and mile 18 was my last low 8 minute pace mile.

OK, maybe i went too fast too soon. The i begin the mantra "keep moving forward"

19 through 21, i'm under 3 hrs. first goal a success, and right about 5 miles to go. 3:55 is in the bag. 3:40....not so much, but 3:45 looks good.

Somewhere here this picture is taken by the local running shop. i must look dead, but as i walk the camara guy says "keep going, you have a great time going"

"thanks, i'm beat, the sun is really starting to hurt"

"want a salt tab?"

Thank god, salt and some water. This is going on my future marathon list of things to bring.

Mile 22 to 26 i met a guy named Tim, he looked a little beat and i thought about passing him for a second then opted to pace him. We ran the finals miles together. Keeping the mantra going. Nice and slow we made our way the final miles. A joke now and then and positive words for each other. Another fond memory. At the final mile, i wanted one more walk break, just to try to look my best for my friends and family. Garmin had time at 3:35, one mile to go a short break, recover a little and hit my target. Off Tim went.....he offered to stay, but i told him to keep going, he was looking strong.

.2, this is a partial lap, and the only negative to the Bayshore. You have to step up a curb to get off the road, run of some dirt/grass to get to the track. The only negative. The final lap is great. As i smiled, and enjoyed the cheers of numerous strangers, and scanned the sidelines looking for friends and fam....finally....

The race was awesome. I had a PR and can apply for a starting corral in Chicago.

Well that's the nuts and bolts of the Bayshore. It's a beaut.... Best Finishers Medal, best price, best shirt (technical tee). We lucked out on the weather.

i'll finish for now, but i have one more post race thoughts post in me, before saying "good-bye" to the Bayshore.

Thanks for reading


Nitmos said...

Way to kick butt!! Think how far you've come in little over a year of running.

I knew you were moving when I saw you a full 1/2 mile before I thought I would (and, with a down and back course, that means a full mile earlier).

I'll run/pace with you at Chicago and we'll get you that BQ. Whaddya say?

Kim said...

Go, Mike! I'm really proud of you, you have made some great strides (HA!) in the past year. Keep being my running inspiration!


Animal said...

I'd never have guessed you were tired by the way you ran by. Arms held high, big smile and a pace that looked deceptively simple...


Russ said...

Great job in the race, and great report. Very inspiring to me as I progress.

Mike said...

thanks guys.

Nitmos...you got it. i wanted to ask...thanks for the offer. Steers!!!

Thanks Animal. Seeing everyone at the end was quite a lift. Thanks for being there.

Russ, thanks for the comments. It'll come soon. Detroit has a beauty, the run over Ambassador Bridge is quite inspiring...i've heard.

L*I*S*A said...

I'm speechless.

Fran said...

Nice job Mike! I was kinda wondering where your race report was.

L*I*S*A said...

Detroit has a beauty? Where? Snicker, snicker....

Mir said...

Nice race! Big PR and now you can get into a faster corral at Chicago--that will make such a difference, not to mention you will feel like a badass.

Thanks for the report and I am eager to read about you BQing this October! :)

Anonymous said...


Congrats on a great marathon. If you work at it, I can see you running in Boston. All you have to do is drop 1 minute per mile off your time and you are there.

I hope to BQ in the fall or this winter.


Lynn said...

Great work.

Anonymous said...

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