"Beware when the great God lets loose a thinker on this planet." ~Ralph Waldo Emerson US essayist & poet (1803 - 1882)

Sunday, May 06, 2007

i made the final 20 mile run a fun one.

Yippeeeee!! one more tough we week of training and bring on the taper. i am sooooo ready for it. i give mucho thanks to the healing powers of the taper. And, laugh, in the face of temptation to run more miles in disbelief of THE PLAN, btw side bar here....my many college friends, i mean who actually, teach college.....D'y'know the greek word for the plan.....is.....Syllabus.

So next semester, please feel free to just put "THE PLAN" on top of your plans that you hand out to your wee little pupils, cause i'm starting to feel like,....well it's tough to put into words....i mean being an X generation guy, another sidenote to a sidenote, great band, rocking punk, Billy Idol and all. i'm hearing the college grads are now taking their parents to job interviews after college, and interviewing companies are letting them, and actually marketing to the parents to enlist their kids.

Hu'h How did this happen?

Can we just name this generation "our lamest generation" or maybe, "the guilt of the baby boomers"

Okay, i admit to being real far off the topic of my 20 mile run, which i didn't call my dad to ask him to for permission to cross some streets without holding his hand, i did it all by myself. Ain't i a big boy?????

But this is the kind of stupid crap that gets out, and then some yahoo in another country, that's being controlled by US interest, looks at the US and says "these friggin morons can't even raise their brats to think for themselves, yet they want control the, whatever i have that the US wants in hypothetical country, oil, bananas, oil, kiwi, oil, etc....pick one, maybe,.....Oil, well screw them!!!"

And so he gets a few buddies together and then a few more and then...Someone says ",hey, let's blow some stuff up", it's a Y chromosone thing, mostly we get out of it, with y'know bottlerockets or playing baseball with frogs from a local pond. Every neighborhood had one of those kids in it. Not me, mind you, but my neighborhood had one.

Anyway, i ran 20 miles, thought about moronic 20 something year-old teenagers and the idiot companies that see these idiots as leaders.

The was able to slippery slope myself into a rationale that this type of stupidity is a cause of terrorism.

And now a campaign issue, if i want to go to Canada and enjoy all the fruits of Windsor, i bet my canadian friends cuckle at that, i just want to have an ID and a Birth Cert.

Vote for Mike '08

We'll get homeland security, oxymoron alert..... cracking down on the real idiots who put our culture at risk.

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Fran said...

Nice job! Enjoy the taper. There's nothing wrong with Windsor ... if all you're looking for is to play bingo. :)

L*I*S*A said...

I really tried to follow that post, I swear.

Good job on the run. I logged about 5 to your 20. Enjoy the taper!

Oh, I now have Memorial Day off...hmmmmmmm......

Tess said...

From my perspective, there are many causes of this continued dependence that kids have on their parents and as a result the backbonelessness we see from them.

1.) The boomers were never friends with their parents. I have heard several times now that it is THE thing for kids today to call their parents their friends. What do friends usually NOT do? Make you do your own work. It seems to me that parents have been all about pleasing their kids and never letting anything bother them too much, lest they end up in therapy for the rest of their lives (My parents were AWESOME. I am currently in therapy. Explain that one.)

2.) No child left behind and merit-based fundung for schools. Gee, let's take AWAY money from under-performing schools. That'll teach 'em. Also, let's put ALL the students together (those with learning disabilities can learn at the pace of those who verge on genius). Yeah right. Change the "No" to "All" in our current administration's education policy, and I think you have it about right.

3.) Grade padding. This relates to #2 AND #1. If grades are too low, no money AND parents WILL go buck-nutty because little Susie or Johnny were IN class- that should be enough- right?! My college students have pretty much told me that they are there to BUY a degree so they can get a job and start making money. If THAT'S the meaning of life, I want off this ship!

There's MUCH more I could say about this, but I will spare you all. Instead, I would like to suggest to candidate MIKE that I head the first educational "Think Tank" and start studying this issue more closely.

Animal said...

Yeah...that post was a little like mental diarrhea, spewing all over the place. I'll be you feel better, though!

Congrats on your 20-miler. Ugh. Don't know how - or WHY! - you do it.

We think very much alike about education. That you think about it AT ALL already puts you ahead of the curve. Yer a good man, Charlie Brown!

Nitmos said...

Well, the title is Mike Has A Thought and it sounds like you had many of them! Plus, I think you might have been experiencing the natural high of Taper Madness.

Congratulations on the last 20 miler. On we go...the start line is approaching.