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Thursday, September 07, 2006

Timing is everything....

Well golf league is over for the season. Just in time to begin the big miles next week. My training plan is looking better every day.

Tomorrow Fun Guv'nor and i head to Mackinac Island. Saturday is the 8 mile race around the island. i'm looking forward to a couple things. First, that it is to be my last race until Chicago. it will be nice to just train for the last month and a half. Being OCD, i have jumped into this running thing with reckless abandon and have ran way more races than i ever intended.

It's not a compaint, more an observation to the crazy way i jump into new activities and become obsessed.

Second, we get to hang with Scott and Tess for a few days. That would be great without the run.

i did some speed work on Monday. Ran 4 miles, then stopped at the high school track by our house and did 2 400's at 1:45, with a 45 second rest between. After the second 400, i rested 45 seconds and did a 3:35 800. i intended to run the 800 under 4 minutes but did better than expected.

i enjoy speed work and having a rubberized track so close to home has really been a blessing. Speed work seems to have helped as today i ran 4 miles in 31 minutes. i'm not speedy yet and have no desire anymore to ruin my first marathon, hint first, as in i am already planning on doing more, by worrying about time and pace.

But i must admit to getting a kick when i run faster on my short runs. Another kick, when i call 4 or 5 miles a short run. i forget most people consider this to be a long run. From that thought alone, marathon training has been a success.

To go Zen with this entire year, 2006 goal of the marathon, the hopeful finish has nothing to do with the finish line. It's been the entire journey. Where i am now, were i was, and no more important, where i'll be as i cross the finish line. if i do.

At this just passed halfway point of training, i can look back and easily see the changes in my physical appearance. The emotional and psychological changes are just as drastic, i just have to remember to pay attention to them as well.

Thanks for reading and although this may be starting to sound redundant... Thanks to everyone who has expressed support as i have gone through this experience.

Most importantly, to my bride, my trophy wife, my fun guv'nor who i love more now than at anytime ever before for so many reasons, but also, for just dealing with the changes in our family dynamic and timing that the marathon training has created. you're simply the best. sing it Tina....

that's about as sappy as i can be

thanks again


Bob said...

Good luck with the race, I look forward to another of those pictures of you gasping for breath as you sprint to the finish. I have never been a "kicker" I admire that.

Nice post and I am happy for your progress. And even though we have about 6 weeks of training left remember three of those are taper so we are close, so very close.

Nitmos said...

You know I'm behind you Mike. I think its great how you've tackled this thing. It was a pleasant surprise to find out you signed up for Chicago also this past spring. I'm already planning my April or May 2007 marathon (Flying Pig in Cincinnati anyone? http://www.flyingpigmarathon.com/)

I noted the words "If I do" in your post...I'm sure you meant "When I do" right? :)

Good Luck on the island. Break a leg! Oh, wait, is that only for actors??