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Thursday, September 21, 2006

Oh how i love election years...

First, a quick apology for yesterdays long winded, too many subjects, post. Too much for one post. i see that now.

Second, thanks to all who still read through it. Real big thanks to Animal for his well worded, just as tedious to read, response. It so re-enforces why we are such good friends. Almost as if we were characters in a Kevin Smith movie, or better yet...comic book.

Third had a great run last night. Summer is definitely over in Michigan as i ran in darkness, and brrrrrr cold weather. Not ready to break out the sweats yet, but it could be soon. 9 good miles, and now two days of rest before tackling 18 Saturday morning.

Real quick Bible update: Psalms has been too tough to read straight. So, i've skipped ahead to Isaiah. I'm now reading a few Psalms and then jumping up to the prophet books. Maybe that will help keep my interest.

i felt the bible update important cause, i read in the paper today our republican candidate for Guv'nor endorses the "theory of creative design" being taught in public schools. Having studied The Voyage of the Beagle, never read it, toooo boring. i have an understanding that the modern theory of evolution is based upon scientifically gathered material. See, Darwin noticed the same fish species in different islands had consistent differences, something, observable. Scientific Theory has a defined description by scientists as to what qualifies as theory. Data must be observed to support a designation of theory.

Creative Design has no such observable data, hell , no datum even exist to support this notion should be catagorized as a "theory".

So i'm thinking the idea of believing in something with no observable evidence is called...Faith.

So even if creative design is responsible for life there's no evidence to support it. It's not like i'm walking around with a barcode stamped on my a$$.

Hope this wasn't so wordy. i seem to be stuck on education.

thanks again for reading

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Gknee said...

I dont know how well thought out this will be but I'll give it a shot. I am Catholic and one of the things I remember being taught is that while the "creation" story is poetic. Infact that's pretty much how Catholics veiw the bible. We don't literally think it took 6 days to create the world...and that gives a lot of room for evolution to play a part.

As far as a barcode...it's called DNA *shrug*