"Beware when the great God lets loose a thinker on this planet." ~Ralph Waldo Emerson US essayist & poet (1803 - 1882)

Friday, September 22, 2006

Silly Republicans... phony,...i mean photo id's are for National ID cards,

not voter id's to cast your most basic of rights as an american.

So congress is looking to push through a bill requiring gov't issued photo ids to prove registration of voters starting in 2008.

See, here's a great example to my post from two posts ago about stupid waste of time and money.

It's an election year, and this will make great press and illegals have been a hot topic. Gotta keep the illegals from voting. How many illegals try to vote?

How is this not a national id card?
How is this going to be issued?
Who's going to pay for it?
If poor people can't afford it, and it will be paid for by the gov't, what's the cutoff amount to get it free?
Why can't i get a free one then, aren't i also a citizen, entitled to the same benefits?
How the hell can our gov't get these out on a timely manner?
What if i move?
What if i lose it a day before the election, can i still vote, it's my right?
If i can still vote, then why do i need a voting picture id?
How often do i need to update/renew it?
Who provides the training to the voter registration people to verify it's authenticity?
If it's going to swipe through a magnetic tape machine to verify it's authenticity, why is my picture on it?
If i'm a black man, in Mississippi, and a white voter registration person recently retired with bad eyesight and a former grand wizard, doesn't like my new haircut and even though i have a authentic card, based upon my recent change of appearance, then denies me my right to vote am i a second class citizen?
What if i vote absentee, do i need to mail a copy of my card?
If i mail a copy of my card how do you know it's a legit card without reading the magnetic strip on the back?
What the hell happens in Oregon, aren't all their ballots absentee?
What about our servicemen, they vote absentee?
How does this make our government smaller?
Don't republicans want smaller government?
Have the republicans pushed rezoning districts to minimize left wingers to the level where most districts are geographically thinner then most of their constituants waistelines, so that this is the next way to ensure results, by further surpressing the ability for anyone who isn't white middle american from even bothering to vote?

How many illegals try to vote again?
Doesn't this make for great press?
Doesn't this make congress look tough on illegals?

It's all class warfare baby.

Man, it feels good to dump this clutter out of my head

thanks again for reading


Lisa said...

Wow...gotta question?

You must feel at least 30lbs lighter after unloading all of that

Gknee said...

I dont know why Republicans keep going back to this whole "National ID" thingie. Call it a Voter Registration card whatever....and I was under the impression you had to have a picture ID to vote anyway. GAH!! IDIOTS!

Animal said...

I've never shown a photo to vote...they just match my signature...

ANYWAY: I remember a couple of years ago when President Bush seemed to pooh-pooh people (translation: Democrats) who asked "useless questions" without also providing a possible solution. He seemed to use this "logic" as a way to further disregard those people who disagreed with him (translation: thinkers). I, on the other hand, see great value in asking the tough questions, even though I don't have a solution. Doesn't make my question invalid. So, thanks Luki, for asking lots of tough questions. Do me a favor: copy your blog & email it to Sens. Stabenow & Levin, willya?

just me - Holly said...

Hi Mike, I read it and I have to say I agree with lisa, that was a whole lotta brain dump right there.

While I appreciate such deep thought into such a pressing issue, I think that you are reading way too much into it,
~timely manner - what's that?
~if you are too poor then in the gov eyes you don't deserve to vote
~if you move just before it is time to vote you will be too busy to go and actually vote
~if you are irresponsible enough to lose your card just before an election then you aren't responsible enough to vote
~you will need to renew it every year because we have nothing better to do in our lives but to wait in line for just one more thing
~training - are you kidding me?
~a machine is needed to swipe it to make it more "legit" plus we gotta spend money on useless things at some point in time and machine are so much better of an investment than paying a person a honest wage and helping someone put food on the table

really I think you have over thought this, there really is an explanation for everything, they may not be good explanations but they are explanations.

Well there I read, I posted and now I am going to find someone to be on top of me (ahhh, I wish)... hehehe