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Thursday, September 14, 2006

i wonder how bad i stunk at the end of the Mackinac Island Race?

i'm thinking Tess was trying to smile for the picture but she's real short and i guess someones face that close to an armpit of a stinky runner is hard to mask.

It's like her thought bubble should read "Hurry up, someone take the picture or i'm gonna hurl"

Anyway, a million thanks to Tess for the invite again.

Movin' On

Bring on the windy city.

Lisa has been struggling a little with some pain, and nervous energy. i can't speak for the pain. i do know personally, pain sucks. So an injury 5 weeks to the big first marathon can be a major bummer, ergo...nervous energy.

So, my friend, and parent to my godchild. Relax....i bet you could stop training now for 2 weeks, just stick to your low impact, aerobic, i.e. biking, eliptical, etc... finish the last 2 weeks of training and still finish in Chicago.

I, ooooh a capital I (must be important), know you can and i'm betting you know it too.

Wanna know why i know? of course you do or you wouldn't keep reading this blog. Gawd, i hope someone reads this... i must be getting boring. i need a juicy political tirade or gossip item to pepper the blog with.

back to the thought... i know cause i feel i can finish a marathon today. If i can do it, 15 lbs overweight still, not quit smoking yet, eating bad foods too often, can feel i can finish a marathon, than so can you. And if you need a visual aid, check out the rock hard bod of the woman next to your profile. That is a finisher.

Coming soon.... a feel a thought surfacing about the unnecessary mystique celebrities feel their offspring don't unnecessarily deserve.

....a thought about the advantages of charter schools from a man whose kids go to public

....a thought about anything other than running, training, splits, pr's, gu, shoes, for christ's sake this can get obsessive.

thanks for reading


Lisa said...

You're the man. :)

Gknee said...

hmm..I'm thinking you haven't been watching the news the past couple of days. Lots of gossip on "the hill". Anyway...Glad you had fun on the Island and looking forward to the the upcoming "thoughts".