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Wednesday, September 27, 2006

The masochist in me really is not looking forward to the taper.

See, i know after i run 20 miles saturday, things will slow down miles-wise. i really need to rest before the big run. i understand this is a fact of marathon training. i have weakened muscles and stamina due to the number of long runs i have done.

i, most likely, also have small tears in my muscles that use this taper period to heal and recover.

i will run a better marathon if i slow down next week.


i am obsessive. And, even though this is not a stop running cold turkey, it is significantly less running. Which leaves me no choice but to spend more time with my family.

So, while experienced runners look forward to the taper, i am dreading it, not cause of the family time (joke). My instincts will tell me to run more, and i'll need to rely even more on the training schedule to keep me from hurting myself.

Wish me luck, on this next phase of personal growth through marathon training.

thanks again for reading

After previewing future posts a few posts ago, i noticed some increased comments to my occasionally radical views, even with a massive brain dump. Let's try this again....

Soon..... observations from an idealist in a pragmatic world


Bob said...

Mike, my advice is to find other outlets for you energy. Go lift some weights, try water jogging, try an elipitical trainer. yada yada yada. Good luck. Me I am so looking forward to it, I am feeling beat up right now and after this week I would imagine I will be no better.

Mike said...

Thanks for the advice.

you're actually the second person to advise some weight training.

Good job on your 1/2 mary last week.

Lisa said...

Mike, remember the real reason we decided to do this race in the first place. HAVE A GOOD TIME while running. I know we have put in a lot of miles during training, so don't flog yourself if you enjoy a bit more free time during the taper.

It's not all about the physical, but the mental as well. Relax the brain, too.

Don't obsess, it's not pretty.