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Monday, September 11, 2006

If only i had a picture...

Well the Mackinac Race is over, and it was great to only run for 8 miles after doing two 10 milers in the last month.

Ran great and hard. Before the race i had stated to i wanted to go for a PR as this was the last race until the Marathon.

My previous best time was an 8:19 pace per mile in St John's. i had dropped to 8:36 at The Crim and i wanted to improve on the Crim's time.

Well, i got my PR. My time was 1:04:56, 8:07/mile. 30 out of 66 finishers in my age/gender group and 239 out of 1050 finishers overall.

Also, i made a point to look at the sites. The day was awesome and the views of the Bridge and Arch Rock and the Water was amazing. Plus a day and a half of Island Time was the most relaxing time of the summer.

Thanks to Scott and Tess for inviting us. And super huge thanks to the Millers for allowing their daughter to invite us to their cottage. What an incredible treat!!!

Additionally Tess finished at 1:17:00, her best time ever. Kudos to you. Scott has decided to run next year and pick up his distance to enter a 8 miler, good for him. Hopefully, he doesn't ever decide he can fit in his circa 1991 speedo swim suit as he gets in better shape by adding extra miles.

Why no picture of my finish? Fun Guv'nor and Scott missed it cause i was about three minutes faster than they expected.

And if you still read my blog: Runner Girl- mile 5 was for you... i made a point to wish you well as i ran that mile. No real reason for mile 5, except i was getting a little tired and needed a little pick-me-up.

thanks for reading


runnergirl said...

Yep, still reading. And thanks for running the mile for me! So, mile 5, huh? Which way around the island do you go? It's funny b/c I didn't even realize they had an official run around the island, but every time I'm there I tell myself that I am going to come back alone to run it. What can be better than running with that gorgeous water around you? Do you know if only Michigan residents can run it or is it open to anyone? I'm hoping that as the years go by they will get more lax and open up the bridge to more runners! I'd love to run that!

Lisa said...

Hey runnergirl, Fun Guv'nor here.

They run clockwise around the island starting & ending at Mission Point Resort and it is open to anyone. There were people there from all over the place. I believe it is held the same weekend every year - right after Labor Day.

I know Mike is planning to do it again next year, hopefully we'll see you there.