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Sunday, March 12, 2006

what the heck, thought i would add a picture to the post and see how it looks on the internet. My wife decided to take this picture after i received the shortest haircut of my life and since i had just recently lost 30 lbs, i thought it was time to shave of the goattee and see if i was truly visably thinner.

guess i am, but still have about twenty lbs to go. which brings me up to the first thing today. RUNNING. Yea haa... ran for 7.50 miles yesterday. a personal best. it should have been a little longer but i made a wrong turn through a neighborhood i wasn't too familar with. hey, it only cost a half mile, no biggie. i did make good time for an out of shape guy, i think. 7.5 mikes if 73 minutes. i honestly allotted two hours for the ordeal, so i ended early with extra time at home.

Heres another random thought: went to the piston/bulls game on wednesday, and took the whole famn dam. we had a great time and the pistons won. one minor problem kind of bugged me. i'm not sure why "God Bless America, ("GBA")" serves as a replacement to the national anthem. i'm not really a patriotic zealot, new military haircut notwithstanding, but as i stood when everyone was asked to stand, it occurred to me that why am i standing? i wasn't sure because GBA is yes, patriotic, but it's not the anthem, so why stand? would i stand to honor the flag if Lee Greenwood was singing his stupid "proud to be an american" song? i don't really think so. not to mention it's an annoys me. i enjoy the song "This Land is Your Land" or Woody Guthrie's modern-day equivilant Springsteen, and "Land of Hope and Dreams" is also a greatly patriotic song but not appropriate. so what makes GBA any more meaningful to use? just a random thought.

more to come

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