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Thursday, March 23, 2006

Not too much has happened to write about.

Well, it's been a slow week. What can i say. After all the running around and hectic St Patrick's day weekend, i've just been playing catch-up with household projects and keeping work in line.

Not sure if playing X-box with Jimmy counts as a household project, but hey, i need to spend some quality time with the kids.

Jimmy's new hot game has been his Star Wars Lego game for X-box. What a riot to play or just watch him work through the different levels. We just finished the duel with Lego Darth Maul and Espisode 1. Now on to bigger things in Episode 2. I should probably rent some of these movies so Jimmy can actually watch them, but for now he seems to enjoy the concept of the game.

Small thought, but my wife sent me this link to a national columnists' article;http://www.freep.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=2006603110312

It's written by Leonard Pitts, Jr. entitled "Dear Anti-Gay Bible Literalists: Turn the page on your Outrage." i gotta say that, being a liberal, this is a topic which i always seem to fall in the minority. i tend to view gay marriage as "why not?" It doesn't affect me and i believe same-sex marriage will happen.

i don't really understand the so-called "sanctity of marriage" when marriage has evolved so much over the years. Marriages were one time arranged, polygamy was encouraged, other arrangements have always changed the way marriage is viewed. It has even been used to stop wars and unite groups of people. This doesn't even begin to address relatively recent public thought and the legality of blacks and white marrying.

i once watched the movie "Guess who's comming to Dinner?" with my folks when i was in high school. i was oblivious to the social implications from when the movie was produced in the 60's. My folks, gotta love them, openly discussed how the movie was perceived at the time. That it helped open people's eyes to an unpopular concept. Maybe a proper remake should be done with a gay couple??

Anyway, back to running. i've registered for my first organized run. It's a 1/2 marathon on April 1st. i'm so excited and nervous, and i'm trying to keep in mind my only goal is to finish. my competitive nature may begin to over-rule. i hope not.

'till next time

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Gknee said...

Star Wars Legos!! That game rulz!