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Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Welcome back.

Not too much new today but i thought it was appropriate to display a before picture. A little bit fatter, about 25 lbs here, a little bit hairier, and a lot drunker.

This picture was taken at the 6th annual 30th birthday party. An annual tradition in the household, named by my friend Steve. as a very sad side note, Steve passed away a few months after this picture was taken. My wife and I decided to keep the name to remember him as long as it is feasible to keep the number 30 in comparison to my appearance.

*** another sad note, not as sad, is that my wife feels that based upon my last statement, we should change the name of the party.

Anyway, quick note on running. I ran with no destination or restraint yesterday. It was in the fifties when i started, so i ran in shorts for the first time this year. felt awesome. i believe i finally experienced the runner's high. Eventually, i had to make a decision to either keep going or go home, to avoid being a neglectful husband and father. When i made it home only an hour had passed, and i ran the entire time. Minus one stop for a traffic light at a busy intersection. I admit to being excited when my wife and i pulled up an online pedometer to see how far i had ran. 6.45 miles!!! Almost 6 1/2 miles in one hour. What an unbelievable rush!!!

more to follow...

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