"Beware when the great God lets loose a thinker on this planet." ~Ralph Waldo Emerson US essayist & poet (1803 - 1882)

Saturday, March 18, 2006

This is what happens when somebody lets me use their computer to update my blog.

Chances are fairly in favor of me looking through your pictures and finding a picture of your wife singing kareoke at New Years. Odds are also good that not only will i look through all your photos, trying to find that one "c'mon honey, pose nude, it's a digital, no one will ever see the picture but us" picture.

Of course, if that picture just doesn't seem to exist, or is better hidden, then i'm still gonna post your wife singing on the blog.

This is Animals wife Tess, reluctantly singing at our new years eve party, not really singing on the blog, as previously, mistakenly stated. i couldn't resist this picture cause she's so darn cute. Anyway i spent some time with Animal and Tess for St Patrick's day. It was a great time walking to their little downtown area and bar-hopping meeting people in the town and behaving goofily.

The only negative to St Patrick's day was that I broke my personal rule about never drinking Jagermeister more than 50 feet from my home. Oops. On the plus side, i was able to drink my lunch, Guiness, at a irish pub near my office. Do some work around the office, if you count napping as work, drive to St John's and enjoy a second good buzz of the day with great friends.

Note to anyone looking to lose weight real fast. Try this, but i'm not recommending it:

i went for my longest run ever on Sunday morning, 8.5 miles. Piece of cake, right? After all, i'd been consistently running 6.5 or more for the last week. One little problem, Saturday morning i had breakfast with Animal. It was a sausage, cheese omelet, with a side of bacon. Then, i ate nothing else until 11:30 Sunday morning when i began the run.

Oh my Gawd!!! What a painful mistake this was. It took me an hour and a half to finish. i felt like the walking dead the last mile and a half. i've never been so happy to finsh a run. On the plus side, i did the run. If i had eaten some food and put a few carbs in my system in would have been easier. My time could have been a little better.

Another plus, I no longer own a belt that actually holds up my pants. I need to punch a hole in the belt actually make it tight. My total weight loss is now over 35 lbs from mid-January and the last time my weight was this low was 17 years ago.

In another Talking Heads reference. I feel like David Byrne in the big suit from "Stop Making Sense". i'm swimming in my clothes.

Anyway, more to follow, if i have another thought.


Lisa said...

Please don't search and find any pics of me. ;)

Also, please go out and buy some clothes that fit. Isn't it a great feeling, knowing that you have literally somehow 'undergrown' all the clothes in your closet?

Congrats, man...you're well on your way.

Animal said...

Mike declined to say that, on SATURDAY morning, post-drinking and smoking the night before, we went for a run at our local track. I knew that he'd run faster than I do (longer legs, natch), but after he'd literally run one circle around me he slowed down (or shortened his stride) and we did a chipper 3 miles. For him it was a "maintenance run," since my only desire is to get a little cardio exercise and NOT to run a marathon, but still: we had a great time. And he pushed MY limits as well, getting me up a little faster, with longer strides. Who would have thought that, the morning after over-indulging, we'd be out trying to detox instead of hitting a bong for breakfast? Times do change...