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Thursday, March 16, 2006

i hit a car yesterday!!!

Actually, i punched the window of a car at an intersection as i was running. Here's the deal:

i'm making my way through an intersection. i'm two or three gaits through it and the approaching car must have seen me. i admit it was about 7:45 pm and a little dark but the intersection is lit.

The yahoo driving decides to hit the gas and swerve around me, to i guess avoid the stop sign, and make his right hand turn. As the car passed about a foot from me; first i realized to stop quickly, second i was really ticked off, so third i punched the passenger window as hard as i could, and fourth i internally debated falling back and acting hurt to see if the driver would stop to see if i was o.k., so that fifth, i could pummel him.

Fortunately, fourth and fifth on the list never happened. i didn't feign being hurt and, of course, the car sped off as if nothing happened. Also it was chilly last night so i was wearing winter gloves and my hand wasn't hurt.

It's funny, peculiar not ha-ha, and upsetting cause i live in a nice little suburban area, where there are a lot of runners and kids playing in the streets. The runners don't really play in the streets just the kids.

Anyway, speaking of other runners, last night i was able to run with another person for the first time. Not really intentional, but a woman who had passed going opposite directions a couple days ago, passed me going the same direction yesterday. It was during about a mile & half stretch that circles around a cemetery. Since she was moving at a good clip, i decided to see if i could meet her pace until she decided to go in another direction. It was tough but i kept pace, from about 10 paces back to not make her nervous about a stranger being there, but also close enough so that a woman wouldn't need to feel nervous about someone else jumping her.

Eventually, she turned around and headed back said "bye" as she passed. i also thanked her for setting a good pace and said bye as well. When i completed my 6.45 mile run, an entire minute per mile had been erased from my time and i had made it in 51 minutes per the clock on the oven.

So i guess this post is really to thank the woman who set the pace that really pushed me, and showed me that i can run it a group, and improve my time. i soooo look forward to my first race!!



Lisa said...

Glad you didn't get hurt. Jerks. I never trust people driving and pulling out into streets. They are NEVER watching for pedestrians.

Your pace sounds great! I'll plan on running the marathon solo. ;)

Gknee said...

So I'm guessing the glass didn't break. Drivers can be idiots. In a residential area there is no need to be going fast or in that much of a hurry. Glad your gloves protected your hand.