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Monday, March 12, 2007

Monday Quick Hitters....

Running stuff:

Ran 29 miles last week. Too much as i made up 6 miles missed the previous weeks. i ran Sun, Mon, Wed & Sat; 6 mi, 4 mi, 6 mi (tempo 4 @ 7:50, total for 6 8:03 pace) & 13 miles (shoulda been 16 miles, oh well)

Lifted weights on Tues, and had tennis lesson on Friday, with about 200 crunches at least 4 times this week, i'm starting to feel a little better about my fitness and looking better ( i mean, i only have one direction to go) -shameless plea for sympathy.....

Running Lesson for the week, do not follow a tempo run with a long run and go out toooooo fast. Ooops, a couple contributing factors to the shortened long run, or just lame rationalizations: went too fast, dressed too many layers for spring heat, extra weight of 2 liter camel-pak, sore calves from tennis.

Part two of lesson; Burnout potential increased. i have to remember to enjoy the training and enjoy the next marathon. If i get too hopped-up on the idea of running a marathon in my home town, i could create a bad experience and a crushing emotional defeat. Relax, trust the training program, follow your own advice.


Vote for Mike '08 (part 1).....Does anyone still think we did not go to war for economic reasons or that class warfare is not being waged in the good ole US of A? Bushco wants another 8000 troops to surge (escalate the war) on top of the 20000 already asked for. Same week....Haliburton decides to move corporate headquarters to.....drumroll......Dubai. Ta-daaaa!!!
(picture Drew Carey making hand gestures a la "The Aristocrats" while saying Dubai, wait...didn't you see it?)

(part 2)...FBI admits to abuses in the following of the Patriot Act, what a oxymoron of true patroitism, which led to 20,000 + (admitted) wire/phone taps of American citizens. we didn't see that one coming either...next thing....no weapons of mass destruction will be found, ...it's crazy....

(part 3)... this one leads into a little religion so i apologize, but....reading through the Bible, i have noticed that Jesus (fairly central character in the New Testament, and the Koran btw) tells his disciples, those who are not against me are with me. Rough translation, most likely, not a direct quote, a few thousand years and all....but the meaning is totally opposite of Bushco's "those who are not with me, are against me" mentality.

Still Reading the Bible:.....Scary moment of truth in Bible as i read it.....In Luke, if interested....Jesus cast out some demons and townsfolk ask...

hey, wait a minute how do we know you're not Beelzebub, and you're tricking us by casting out your own demons to gain our loyalty? Again, most likely not a direct quote, you get the gist.

Jesus responds in his very wise manner that a demon casting out other demons, would hurt their, the demons, cause. i like this passage as it shows the power of inclusion vs the destruction of division. Jesus even makes mention that a demon would divide with phrases like.... "those who are not with me, are against me"...wait.... sound familiar?...something reads deja vu -esgue....probably nothing, just ignore the feeling...it'll go away....

Yep, i'm breaking my rules for too many topics and too long of a post....massive brain dump going on here.... i mean the dump is massive, not so much...y'know...my brain.

Washington Twp: Ok... really i'm shifting gears here and not so much tongue-and-cheek, anymore. i've been watching a ton of stuff on a local, incredibly sad, tragic and horrifying murder in Washington Twp. As i have mentioned, this is thing i read about a lot, and so close to home, very scary stuff.

Essentially, although i guess this has made national news, husband reports wife missing after 5 days, she commutes to Puerto Rico, not unheard of. He gets a lawyer, doesn't share bank records with police, but he's seems to be enjoying the public eye....tv interviews, pleas to help find wife, etc....

A couple weeks go by, and friday night news breaks in with a search warrant for the home. Now really, the entire eastside metro detroit area is watching for breaking news on this odd case. People are divided on it, to this point....

...but Saturday morning, news reports wife's torso, is found in garage. Now this is all alleged and rumor, cause i want to stay impartial in case called to serve on the jury. Husband works at his dad's tool and die shop. Appartantly, his car was seen there at 4:00 am morning after the murder (why that was not reported to the police baffles me). After the horrific dismembering, body was disbursed throughout local park, and with recent snow covered. Husband goes back to retrieve torso, to avoid it being found by search parties going through the park a week prior to the search warrant. Essentially, everything else was small enough not to notice.

Husband disapears but, thank God for morons, uses his ATM card in northern Michigan and is found wandering a state park. No shoot out, and no attempted suicide (or a real lame, try to freeze to death, attempt).

So, my point, thoughts, whatever...what could have caused this? At what point does the social factors kick in? Is this a socia-path at work? Economic? Is a man whose own insecurities, with a more successful wife, the big issue? Tool-n-Die shops are hurting in this area, could work pressure play a role? Media coverage? Has this Peterson-like coverage, been due to the white upper middle class-ness of the case, while poor, and/or minority murders are ignored by the media? Was the husband given a bit of a free pass in the court of public opinion for the same reason? Up 'till the search warrant.

This isn't a sense to grasp a rationale for the murder, or justify anything. Obviously, a woman, and mother was killed, in home, allegedly, by her husband, while her children sat a few rooms away. And, we can be thankful, this didn't turn into a murder/suicide, with children as victims as well. My heart and thoughts go out to the families of both wife and husband, as both families are devastated, and to the children. 400 people showed up at a candlelight vigil outside the home recently. I believe people really do care, but.... and there's always a but with me.

Shouldn't we be just as upset about the thousands of US lives lost since the occupation of Irag? Or the estimated 650,000, dead civilian (men , woman, and children) iraqi's?

Still Reading? i think i'm done, whew...that was painful.

Thanks for reading

what's 3 more minutes? watch me.. well not me, more the metaphorical me the video, a la "Alice in Wonderland" y'know "drink me"


Russ said...

follow the (reasonable) plan...truer words have never been spoken

very nice diatribe. if you want to be even more disgusted watch 60 minutes from yesterday:

Story 1 was about steven hatfill (the alleged anthrax dude) - he may/may not be the dude, but he way the govt trampled all over his rights is appalling.

Story 2 was about how we are a$$ fu$@*&^ the iraqi translators who have been chased out of iraq under fear of death. the us govt response when they ask for asylum is basically - hey dude you knew what you were doing...now there's a nice way to get world opinion on your side.

i agree with everything you said (and this comes from a socially moderate/fiscally conservative mostly republican voting american - yes i voted for w the 1st time around - but didn't make the mistake twice).

i lived overseas for the past few years and i can tell you that the your either with me or against me went over like a fart in church overseas. i really like the biblical take on it.

Mike said...

thanks russ:

i appreciate the thoughts and admit to missing 60 minutes. i did get bummed out flippin between a couple news shows yesterday morning. Of course everything just stews until spending a hour listening to Peter Werbe.

good thing i didn't even get into my ideas on the whole comerica bank. And did you know Dubai is actually engineering a development so big, that involves so much rocks, dirt, and sand, that the map of the area, or globe, will have to be changed to reflect the change? It was on Modern Marvels, or some discovery thing, very cool scary stuff.

o.k. fact checkers come get me. i didn;t cite anything.

L*I*S*A said...

I think you should get permission to use 'Bushco' from Peter Werbe first. He scares me.

L*I*S*A said...

As for the dipshit who killed his wife, (notice I'm NOT saying 'allegedly'), he's just that...a dipshit. I suspected him from the very beginning. Not very original on his part.

What a waste for everyone. Our taxpayer money to try him, his kids left behind, along with his family and the dead wife's.

Such a tragedy.

Note to husbands: get so pissed off you want to kill your wife? Better come up with a airtight plan. So far, I haven't heard of one.

Mike said...

now why is that a note to husbands?

isn't spousal abuse of a husband by a wife the most unreported of all crimes?

If a wife kills her husband, the airtight plan is to claim abuse and a burning bed scenario....

sorry too of topic, but how bout the airtight just use gloves too small defense. That allows uncontested testimony to the jury.

Yikes, i may lose my Oprah Mojo

L*I*S*A said...

Either way, husband kills wife, wife kills husband, it's been done so many times, it's the first thing we suspect. Geez, even the 'murder for hire' is way overdone.

Personally, I don't think he is a 'sociopath'. I just think he's stupid and very desperate. Amazing that he thought this was a viable plan.

Dumb, just plain dumb.

Nitmos said...

I think my favorite term for the current admin is the "Busheviks". Brings to mind another unwelcome political change that occurred 100 years ago in another country...