"Beware when the great God lets loose a thinker on this planet." ~Ralph Waldo Emerson US essayist & poet (1803 - 1882)

Friday, March 02, 2007

6 weird things about me....

but first a quick training update. i missed a 7 mile training run on Wednesday. Not something i do often, but my Rotary Club had a dinner meeting with 5 other clubs. Since i had a responsiblity to be there early to sell 50/50 tix, i missed my training run.

So do i make it up; over the next few days add a little here and there, or say "screw it" and move on?

Anyway, 6 weird things about me... thanks Animal

1. Right Angles.... not sure why, but everything on my desk is at a right angle, or 45 degrees, which i equate as a derivative of a right angle, cause two 45s make a 90.

2. i love Diane Keaton, and not entirely in a "love her work" way, but i've always thought she's incredibly attractive. Even at the tender age of 61, she looked HOT at the Oscars. LA-DEE-DA.

3. i like to use the word....Jujune. Why??? After watching "Love and Death", a Woody Allen movie starring....Diane Keaton; she used the word. We, me and roommates, had no idea what the conversation was about and had to look it up (pre-internet). Not very june of us.

4. i love to read Hemingway. This stuns me. i think his work is homophobic and racist, but i still enjoy the simplicity. Hemingway's stories about north Michigan capture the feeling of being there and i have read the Nick Adams stories over and over. There's such depth behind the simple sentences. i think i've read "The End of Something" a half dozen times throughout my life. No big deal as it's a short story. Every time i get a different feeling, in relation to my own life. No other writer has done that for me.

5. Serial killers fascinate me.... i've always had a morbid curiousity with Ted Bundy, John Wayne Gacy, Zodiac, Green River, etc.... i've read more stories on these "people" than i can remember, or even the names of all i have read about. Then Fun Guv exposed me to Ann Rule and the books she has written of true crime. The thought process of a social-path, or lack thereof..., the lack of empathy, the egocentric nature.... More on that, maybe, in another post.

6. i have no desire to meet or find out who my birthparents are.... This is a bit odd for the non-adopted folks to imagine. While i am thankful my birthmother choose to give birth to me, i am also thankful she opted to give me away. Most adoptees are portrayed in movies/TV as people who want to find out their history. i've met other adopted people who have met their birth parents and it never goes well. i prefer to keep Pandora's Box closed in this case.

Anyway, as it took me too long to update this post, as i had to filter out the really weird things about me, just to get to the palatable ones, don't expect another long delay in posting. i have a week of training to update (for those interested) and a preparation for a big one year anniversary of blogging.

Sunday is a 4 mile run in Detroit. It's a little pre-St Pat's thing, any body want to join me? Starts at noon. Anyone....anyone??? Registration is at old Tiger Stadium....

Thanks for reading


L*I*S*A said...

Is that 7-mile run really going to make or break you? I think not. Forget about it and move on.

Nitmos said...

I use to read Hemingway all the time but sorta lost touch...for some reason, I have 2 copies of his Collected Short Stories book - maybe expecting to use one up??

What is this Detroit 4 miler. Got a link?

Gknee said...

I just me the Authors of a book called "Deadly Lust" about a serial killer here in St. Augustine. It was neat to hear about their process