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Monday, March 19, 2007

A big hearty welcome to MIR!!!!

So in my curiousity about finding other Bayshore Bloggers looks like i've stumbled upon MIR. This is a serious runner. Check out the times for her races. Great Job!!!

And a hearty, thanks!!!, and shout out to BOB for the inspiration to try to link up other marathoners running the same race. Albeit, a wee bit smaller than Chicago. You da man.

Sorry no direct links just check on the sidebar stuff. You'll find Bob and Mir.

Saturday was a great day to run, but a little bit cold and windy here. But no snow, unlike this morning( that's another topic), and i set out as prepared as possible for an 18 mile run. i had....

Trusty Garmin ( and promised myself to go slower this week),
MP3 player,
Camel-pak, with...
2 liter of water
extra batteries
4 dollars
drivers license, in case of disaster, i had ID
4 pieces of leftover pizza from kids dinner the nite before
Cell phone, with Fun Guv's cell number ready to hit send, again in case of disaster, next of kin can be notified quicker, or what hospital to meet me at.
Brand new running shoes
Mack's Purple hat- see picture of me
long running pants, no shorts yet
Groovy Chicago Marathon jacket. So people know i mean bidness

i swear i look like a Borg when i leave the house on long runs (Star Trek Geek)

Anyone else ever feeling this way????
OK, maybe the pizza was pushing things, but i had no Gu and well, what if i needed carbs????
i blame the Dean, ultra marathoner for the idea.
Anyway, 18 miles became 16, cause they were two miles due north straight into the wind. Good enough, the Bayshore is 69 days away (yippee, i win) per countdown and what's two miles at this point? "Why it's simple rationalization, " says evil don't ever cut a run short voice?
Sorry no other stuff, or rants, but my brain has been filled with NCAA basketball stuff, although i do need to find out why so many of the newspapers carrying Ann Coulter's column just dumped her?
OK fine here it is
What a maroon...i can see why she's not a big fan of being politically correct. But good to know she can lead our armed forces in a pinch.
What a great representative of the quality U of M education available somebody sing "Hail to the Victors" Next thing they'll do is revoke AA, D'oh. Alas, the plight of the poor white americans, we've had it so hard through out history.
Maybe rehab is in her future.... it worked for "The Patriot" and "Kramer"
Thanks for reading


Bob said...

16 or 18 ah who cares, it's all good. And I believe it was once said by I believe Elvis Costello that every musician is a thief and a magpie. The same can be said for bloggers. I am sure I saw the race list on another blog somewhere and copied it to mine. Good thing it's a free country.

Nitmos said...

How'd the pizza eating go on the fly? Haven't attempted that yet.

If I get run down in the street, nobody will know who I am. I don't carry anything.

Sounds like you are following a more aggressive training plan. Your weekly LR's always seem a mile or two father than mine.

Mike said...

Pizza on the Fly....

Not so hard. Just don't inhale any pepperoni's.

Maybe it should be...

replace GU with Pizza
replace water with Beer
replace MP3 with handheld TV with ESPN, using Garmin signal as satelite hook-up...

i could be on to something.

Russ said...

mmm...pizza (in homer simpson voice)...that is truly inspirational! i think you might have a patent on your hand with the whole espn via garmin thing :)

Mir said...

Your Borg analogy had me laughing out loud. I love it! I'm a Star Trek geek too. I wouldn't worry too much about cutting down the long run. As long as you get a couple in of 20 or so you'll be fine.

Anyways, *blush*. Thanks for the welcome. =) I just hope I get back down to those times someday.

Animal said...

No running stuff...just a comment on Ann Coulter: she strikes me as a gigantic, smelly C-U-Next-Tuesday. Ugh. Withered & dried-up & angry-looking...I think someone should "take charge" with her, she looks like she needs it!