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Thursday, March 15, 2007

First Post Revisited:

Saturday, March 11, 2006

thanks to anyone who happens to stumble upon my blog. It started innocently enough as i was responding to a blog from a friend, who i am running a marathon with, regarding how she is writing a blog to document the training for said marathon. (Actually, it's the chicago one on Oct 22) I ended up creating a blog to respond.So what the hell? let's give a go and if anyone ever looks at this great. If not then o.k. too. It's sorta like a internet keroeke... kariokkee... kareoke.. for all the unpublished writers and most likely a few published writers to just babble.Which brings me to my point, or close enough to something to call it a point. Random thoughts, babble, just junk and maybe not some junk will be my topic du jour, or du bi-weekly, du whenever. etc. 'till next time
Posted by Mike at 10:16 AM

Well there it was and here i am. A year has passed since i wrote this note. i should have known it right from the start. Seems i'm not alone in the voyage of self-discovery, wanting to achieve more and push farther than previosly thought possible. (thanks, Sting)

i guess as i look back and occasionally read old post to see where i've been, i am pleasantly surprised that i have consistently improved the context of the blog. Somethings have changed, like the appearance, the counter, what i have done with development as a runner, etc.... but the consistent development of my voice, which is still developing, has been fun.

Anyway, nothing too witty to say about an anniversary, except, like most in my life, i'm a day or two late in doing anything about it.

Running Stuff: Maybe this should be health stuff, as i am beginning to really enjoy cross-training? i ran 2 miles on Monday. It was a unique occurance for mileage in the plan. Go with it. Except, Mack wanted to run with me. So i did my two, and ran a third with her at her pace. 12:00/mile, a couple walk breaks but not bad. She's still wanting to do a 5k this summer.

Last night was speed work. 7 miles total, with 3 1600's @ 7:32 pace with 800 meter cooldowns between. A couple miles getting to and from the track and, voila 7 miles.

This was the first real test and, with the wind and rain, i was set up to fail. i didn't. The 3 times were all under 7:30, or right at 7:30 (like the third and final). a few moments required a final 100m sprint, or what could have been called a sprint, and i think i came the closest that i have been yet to puking after a hard run, but it's in the books. No more running at the track for 2 weeks when i attempt 4 1600m's @ 7:32.

Other Stuff:

Soooo General Pace thinks homosexuality is immoral, indecent, whatever.... "i mean, i'm sitting here on the bench....i mean i'm sitting here on the group W bench, cause you want to know if i'm moral enough to join the army after being a litterbug"-- paraphrased for Alice's Restaurant

Cause our army has been asked to behave soooo morally.

Thank God, this soldier isn't gay. That would be immoral.

* btw...i sure this isn't the way all our soldiers behave, and this is not a "don't support the troops" moment. ...but just like a few extremists make all muslims appear scary to some people, a few moments like this can make all US troops appear scary to others

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Nitmos said...

Keep pushing yourself on thise speed work-outs. I found it really builds your confidence. That might be the most important byproduct of the work-out.

Why does Bush's top general Pace not support some of our troops?

Mike said...

Maybe he's compensating for repressed feelings?

Nitmos said...

Let's see...someone is willing to go to war and possibly die for you...but the general is going to call them immoral. Nice. Isn't there a group from some goofy "church" that goes around protesting at our soldiers' funerals with 'God hates Fags' signs? Maybe Pace would like to get involved. Someone send him their number.

By the way, Happy Bloggerversary.

lisa said...

There's no rhyme or reason for people like Pace. I think one's sexuality has nothing to do with their performance on the battlefield. I don't care if you're homosexual as long as you have my back (no pun intended).

Anonymous said...

Happy Blogiversary! It's fun to look back and see how far you've come, both as a writer and a runner! I enjoy reading your blog, so keep it up!

Animal said...

Happy anniversary!

I can't think of anything logical to say about the YouTube clip you shared today...


so I'll go for the obvious funny and say you could maybe get your training sprints up a little faster if someone drove ahead of you in a truck and taunted you with, I don't know, cigarettes, or Dickel...

Fran said...

Happy Anniversary!

Running Rabbit said...

YAY!!! 1 whole year! How do ya' feel??

Mir said...

Hi Mike, thanks for the comment! It's awesome to find other Bayshore marathoners out there in blogland. I will be back to read more. I like the quote under your blog title.

Keep up the good work on those mile repeats! What a great workout, especially with adverse weather conditions. You know you're the real thing when you can go out and get it done no matter what.