"Beware when the great God lets loose a thinker on this planet." ~Ralph Waldo Emerson US essayist & poet (1803 - 1882)

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

"Though his body says stop, his spirit cries...never!!"

Ok, Dr Animal, knock this one out!!!

a quick running update, with a little local weather thrown in.....After lasts weeks, odd February T-storm, which immediately froze due to minus wind chill, followed by two dumpings of snow, a couple things have happened to the local roads and sidewalks.....They may or may not be plowed, snow blown,...whatever.....If so, three inches of ice,...if not, lot's of snow...So to the Dreadmill, i go....

Monday, an easy 6 miles on the plan....reality, was 6 miles/48:27, roughly 8:05 mile

Tuesday, worked until 9:30 pm, no real crosstrain, unless you count helping people brush snow of there cars after a little seminar i attended. At least i got a nice meal.....seminar???not so great....let's just chalk it up to learning about how to not present financial ideas to prospective clients. And i learned how many people go out on stormy nights without the proper cold weather mittens, hats, scarfs for such occasions.

Wednesday, due to new 4 inches of snow, see previous paragraph, speedwork on the Dread.....1 mile 8:20, 1 mile 7:20, 1/2 mile slow jog, 1 mile 7:30, 1/2 mile slow jog & 1 mile 8:15, total time 40:20

12 miles on Saturday, could be a new dreadmill distance record for me, cause i think the snow will be here a few more weeks, the the plan is for a little bit of crosstraining, thursday, friday and sunday....mostly core stuff, but as little lite upper body work....

i wish i had a scale to keep track of my weight, but Fun Guv took it to work for a little weightloss competition with "the girls" there. So no updates here. Belt is feeling less snug on tightest setting...that's all i got.

Movin On

i wanted to comment on the state of the election, As i tend to think of myself as an occasional political satirist, with no real forum to express myself, other than here. And since in many cases, i feel i may be preachin' to the choir...a la Huckabee (now there's a presidential sounding name, for the shallow side of the gene pool) Really, the references to Hanna Barbarra cartoon hounds...or award winning beagle analogies would be nerve rackingly redundant.....Maybe he can have a pink panther running mate......

but i digress

i guess, being a michigan thing, our little democratic primary, along with florida's is not supposed to count....And all the major players agreed to keep their names of the list. This was intended to show commitment to the process, but.....playing politics like she can, somehow the name Hillary Clinton appears on the ballot, along with some other real minor guys, and a "None of the Above" option.

"None of the Above"....how great was that....because even if i wrote in "Obama" or "Edwards", my vote would have been nullified. So here's the deal, i've already not voted for Hillary once this year.....if pushed to it, could i avoid this again????

Is the enemy of my enemy, my friend??? Since i really think the far right conservatives don't like McCain, Mr. Bomb-Iran, himself....where does that leave me????

Friends have already threatened an intervention if i continue down this road....but really, if Rush, Sean, and Anne don't like the guy.....how bad can he be????

But really, i should like the Clinton's.....Notice how they are always refered to in plural...It's never the Obama's, or McCain's, or Romney's (could of been lot's of "Big Love"-esque jokes there, but...noooo, go ahead quit) back to the point....

i mean i love thinking fondly back on the platform that drove people to vote for Bill, and his famous thumb. It was a platform based on change, it wasn't about experience, it was time to change. Time to bridge gaps and reach across the aisles. It was time to "Don't Stop Thinking about Tomorrow". It was a time for newer, younger ideas....Man, i wish there was still a candidate with those ideas.

So Bill and Hillary, i'm sure you're big fans of my little blog here....a little advise....taken from your own uplifting choice of cheesy pop songs to inspire me to vote...

"Yesterday's gone, yesterday's gone"

Lastly, look sure it's long but hey, i rarely get to post. "Lost" is on tomorrow and it'll most likely be another week before i get to this.

At Rotary Today, we had a guest speaker by the name of Larry Nevers visit and talk about his experiences as a Detroit Police Officer. He actually wrote a book about it "Good Cops, Bad Verdict".

As President of the Club i had a chance to speak with Larry and his wife a few times, prior to today. He even gave me a copy of his book to read, and quite honestly it's an interesting read.

First thing, when i spoke to Larry, he asked if i had heard of him. "well, yeah", i replied ",you sound familiar but i can't remember why, help me out"

"Do you remember Malice Green?" was his response.

Wow, y'know after meeting him and talking to him candidly about the night Malice Green died, his trials, and time in maximum security, i gotta wonder about City of Detroit politics, from the early Coleman Young days to the current fiasco with Kwame.

This is an amazing story in a city still scarred from riots nearly 40 years ago.

thanks for reading


therese said...

I actually remember watching the budzyn (sp?) and nevers trial, prosecuted by Kym Worthy. It was such news at the time they broadcasted the whole thing. That was a civics lesson the likes of which you just don't get in school.

Anonymous said...

Bodyglide = goodness!

Brett's nipples

Animal said...

Well, apparently I don't NEED to show off my lyrical knowledge, since you've already posted the video, right??

(To Brett's nipples: SURVIVOR = goodness!)

"Shallow end of the gene pool..." Man, that's some FUNNY STUFF! And, it's like Tess already told you: it's not about how bad McCain himself can be, it's about the fact that he's got a million people BEHIND him. THEY represent the bad direction for the country, with policies that disenfranchise the underprivileged and stifle freedom, all the while pushing a twisted version of morality down the throats of EVERYONE.

(Jenn's right, I gotta learn not to bottle this up and just say how I FEEL sometime...)

Remember: Shrub himself is a frickin' IDIOT! It's all the Roves, Cheneys, Rumsfelds, and the rest of the boyz that scare the beejeezus out of me.