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Thursday, February 21, 2008

Ooooh Yeah!!!!

Now that's funny....

Oh boy, it's gonna be a long time 'till November.

Anyway...back to running

Officially, i registered for the Bayshore last night. So it's on!!!!!

Monday, ran 5 miles. it was supposed to be an easy 5 but.....39:12

Wednesday, ran 5 speed baby speed workout..... 39:00 even

mile 1 8:15 warmup

mile 2/3/4 .....22:35 total

mile 5 8:10

Saturday an easy 14. No really, nothing is easy about 14. Weather is looking sunny and mid 30's (short weather)

Speaking of best laid plans.....i have to bail on the 14 miler with Nitmos. Looks like a need to be home Saturday for a business meeting at 8:00. Dammit!!!!!

Anyway, thanks for reading


Anonymous said...


You need to respond to email.


Triseverance said...

Why is this campaign being run on Psudo Music and You Tube Video's? Hopefully once we get through this primary we move away from slogans, words and you tube videos and get to actual issues. One can only hope.

That is some very impressive running. Stay injury free now, remember the easy stuff.

Animal said...

What can I say? Awesome vids. I actually think these present McCain's issues VERY well. Yet another reason to vote against him in November.

Nitmos said...

Business before running!? Priorities, man, priorities! We'll catch up another time.

Nice job with the speed. Can you compare where you were at last year at this time? That would be interesting...

L*I*S*A said...

Um, would Scott vote for anyone from the GOP?