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Saturday, February 16, 2008

12 miles on the treadmill,

and a little 80's flashback

i gotta admit, yet again to being a huge "Rocky" fan. Number 2 on my lists of things i want to do with regards to running is.....

Finish a good run by taking on the stairs at the Philly Library....in ugly grey sweats and all.....no raw eggs though. we can skip that.

As long as i gotta run on a treadmill for a little while, why not watch something to help me through the tough miles

yeah, just try putting that in the DVD player and not picking up the pace just a little....

Yeah i know this takes few minutes and really my blog isn't intended to be running movie reviews, but hey this is the stuff that's getting through these tough beginnings of training and realization that with Fun Guv working...i need to be closer to home more, so some long runs will have to be in ther basement.

A quick shout-out to Brett, longtime Steer, the basketball version and new runner.

He's setting out to run his first marathon at the Bayshore. Go figure, he's nervous, but just keep trusting the plan and "KEEP MOVING FORWARD"

ain't nothing like your first time

Thanks for reading.


L*I*S*A said...

I would rather gouge out my eyeballs than run 12 miles on any sort of treadmill. You are the man. I'll see you outside for the long runs when the weather improves.

Anonymous said...

Brett? who is Brett? I don't recall any Steers by that name.

The King?


Anonymous said...


One more thing, when Nitmos gets in touch with you, give him my email address, I have some good lessons learned from my last marathon and a great nipple story as well.