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Thursday, April 06, 2006

Well now what.

Sorry i haven't posted in a few days. My 5 or 6 constant readers, if i may steal a phrase from Stephen King, may be getting a little restless. So here's the deal....

i felt the post race blahs most of the week. If i hadn't felt guilty about eating terribly i would have never ran this week. Fortunately my wife was very helpful in motivating me to get off my butt and go.

Next race. the 15k on July 8th, at the National Cherry Festival in Traverse City. http://www.cherryfestival.org

how can i not do this one?? i grew up there. i loved the cherry festival growing up. The race finishes along the parade route, just prior to the start of the parade. WAY COOL!!

After finishing i can jump in the bay to cool off, and get rid of a little of the stink.

Plus 15k, that's only 9.66 miles. Piece of Cake!!! If i ran at the same pace as the half, it'll take 1:29:26. Definitely not in medal contention but it's a goal. I've gotten some time to work towards this, while preparing for the marathon.

I'm hoping to add some interval training into my routine and i'm going to shoot for 1:20:00 for the 15 k. That's about 8:15 per mile.

Man that sounds tough.

more to follow

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