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Monday, April 03, 2006


Pace: 9.24 per mile

Well, the 1/2 marathon is behind and i gotta admit to feeling real good about my time.

The run was a lotta fun and i really enjoyed the jockeying for position and passing people was real fun. i started towards to back and as the first few miles started i was able to pass a few people as i hit my stride.

Three people i need to thank for encouraging me are:

  1. lisa, my wife, who has been so encouraging and supportful as i have started this new hobby;
  2. lisa, my awesome friend, who has been so helpful, through emails of support and someone to run with; and lastly
  3. Ashley.

Who's Ashley?

Well, she's a 20 yr old student at GVSU who just happens to be training for her first marathon. As i was jockeying for position in the first two miles, we met. She was running at a good clip and we ended up in stride together. We struck up and good conversation and ran side by side for the next 11 miles.

Like me, she has a great friend who has started her on this journey to a marathon. Unlike me, she is 18 years younger, unmarried, no kids. As we ran, i joked about me not losing to a 20 yr old kid, and she joked about not losing to an old man.

but as we ran....

She picked me up at different distances. When she had a small cramp in her side i pushed her to fight through it. Yet we both refused to let the other person hold each other back. We were able to bond on the fact that i would work to stay even with her and she with me.

At the 12 mile mark. We picked up our pace, and in a typical Mike way, i started grunting and singing to help me pick up the pace. Ashley laughed a little and mentioned to keep doing whatever i was doing as it kept her mind of being tired.

The last couple 100 yards we broke into a sprint and raced on the balls of our feet, head down, knees high, kicking, hammer down to the finish line. Again it was still a race and neither wanted to lose to the other.

we hit the timing mat together, stride for stride.

Official times for us both


Thanks Ashley.

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Gknee said...

congratulations on your 1st 1/2 marathon! I'm proud of ya!!