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Monday, April 17, 2006

Project 190

i'm writing this down as a goal as in a weight. i'm stuck with my weight at 205, plus or minus a few pounds. i've been there for a few weeks. So i need to refocus cause i've been cheating a lot.

Plus, i think i've reached a point where the best way to improve my running times is to lose some more weight.

Here's my plan:

watch my carbs....this has always worked for me and like a alcoholic, i seem to go a few weeks and then say, just one order of fries won't hurt. Next thing i know, i'm getting a supersized portion. i need to stop this.

stop between meal snacking. Thank God, Easter is over. i should be able stop the occasional peanut butter & chocolate eggs.

keep running, my goal this week is 25 miles. i've slowed down a little since the 1/2 marathon. it's still too early to really work on marathon training. so i need to focus with thoughts on how i'd like to finish the 15k on July 8th.

Cross-train, i've got a mountain bike, a basketball, and a soloflex machine. It's time to use them again.

Quit smoking for good. 'nuff said with this one. Although, it is probably the hardest, especially while trying to lose weight.

thanks for reading.... more to come


Gknee said...

Try increasing your water intake too. I go to weight watchers and the rule of thumb my leaders says is half your weight in ounces. So at 205 you should be drinking 103.5 oz of water a day. You can do it! <3

Lisa said...

Oh yes, water intake is CRUCIAL. You will feel fuller longer, and you will find yourself snacking less.

As we say in the health care field...the goal is CLEAR PEE. When it's clear, YOU'RE IN THE CLEAR. ;)

Lisa said...

Oh, and the no smoking is a no-brainer. Trust me on this...your running will vastly improve once your lung function returns to 100% capacity.

You don't need it.

Cigarettes are poison.... ;)

Animal said...

About the between-meal snacking: remember, we inhabit stone-age bodies, which are used to several smaller meals a day. I find that a handful of raisins (or, alternately, my Hot Nuts!) between meals helps defeat that urge to really chow down at lunch/dinner time.

I can't argue that NOT smoking is healthier...but, weight GAIN usually follows quitting. On the plus side, if you're really still smoking all that much, you WILL breathe easier if you make a concerted effort to quit. Save it for special times, like parties & Homecoming. (Which, as I think about it...IS a party!)

Lisa said...

Um, can we get an update here? C'mon!