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Monday, September 22, 2008

Mike hasn't really been around much the last two weeks, hence the lack of posting...again. Where has he been you ask? Working.

But I'm fine with that, because look what all that hard work has earned us...

A week in Mexico!!!!! Yes, next March the two of us will depart dreary Michigan and head to Neuvo Vallarta, Mexico to the Grand Velas Resort ! The best part is it won't cost us a thing. Check out this place...it's awesome!

Have I mentioned lately how much I love this new job? And how proud I am of my dear husband who has been kicking butt in this new job???

He had to earn X number of points in a time-frame and then we got to pick from a list of 17 different trips as a "reward". It's by far not the most glamorous trip in the list, but for the first one we want to keep the outside the program expenses in the affordable range so this one works ~zip line over the tree tops is on our must do list while there. Plus we've talked to others in the company that have gone there before and they say it's one of their favorite trips.

Now, some out there would say...hmmm, so when I invest with this company, this is what they do with my $$? Actually, no. It's part of his commission package, they just hold it aside and dangle it as a sort of carrot to build the his business. If you earn it...have fun; if not...hope you get it next time. Which I do hope he gets it next time because we're looking at a trip to Egypt with a 3 day Nile River cruise involved in it.

Do you think it would be tacky if in his sales pitch he'd say something like...."Please invest with me, my wife wants to go to Egypt" ? Yeah, probably not a good idea. But Mike is doing awesome with this job and loving every minute of it so if we do go to Egypt ~ BONUS, but if we don't that's fine too, there will be other trips. He has the chance to earn two each year.

I guess it's time for me to hit the pavement. Want to look good in my bathing suit on the beach!

In other news:

From what I can tell, marathon training has been going well. Work & cub scouts has kept him pretty busy, but he's managed to squeeze in some running time. I can't believe the Detroit Marathon is less than a month away already. I will be working the Expo on Saturday morning in the race packet pick up department. I've got the 9am- 12:30pm shift so the family will be down there checking things out and then we'll grab some lunch in the area. We're thinking Pizzapapali's ~ Mike has always wanted some Chicago style pizza before the big race...never seemed to get it while in Chicago!

Thanks for reading and as always I'll try to get Mike to sit down and post again soon. Dancing with the Stars starts tonight so you know where he'll be the next 3 evenings!!!!!


Nitmos said...

Will you adopt me? I don't make much of a mess and I'm intermittently lovable and cantankerous.

therese said...

Well congratu-friggin-lations! I can't think of a more deserving, harder-working couple! The trip sounds awesome.

Let me know when you have a game coming up, I'd love to see your haltime show :-)

Anonymous said...

I trust Mike will do the wise thing and schedule the Egypt vacation around an event like this: http://www.egyptianmarathon.com/


Fun Guv said...

Unfortunately they give us the dates of the trips so we have no control over that...

T - our next game is Oct 3, but it's homecoming, not sure if you want to attempt that. Oct 17 & 24 are the other two dates we have.