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Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Aaah...the sound of silence!

They've gone back to school...now it is time for me to spend my long peaceful days eating bon-bons & watching soap operas. Ha! Like I have time for that, there are funds to be raised for the school and colorguard uniform pieces waiting to be cut out.

I can't believe how quickly the summer just suddenly ended on us this year. It just didn't seem like it was time to go back, but alas it was.

7th Grade...can you believe it?

2nd Grade

We spent the last 1/2 week of summer doing a little more camping. I left Wednesday with my mom and the kids and headed back to Yankee Springs. It was a nice relaxing 4 days, though it's kind of weird not having the big group that I'm used to when camping. Lauri, Hunter & Grace came by on Saturday for a little bit to hang out too, which of course was fun.

The first night (and each night afterwards actually) I made the fire all by myself

We hung out and roasted marshmallows

This time Jimmy remembered his fishing pole and check out the bass he caught! Bait was pieces of hot dog. It was so big they couldn't reel it in (we didn't have a net) so they asked a guy passing by if he'd help them out. Jimmy wouldn't touch it, but he had to have his picture taken with it. Where's Cookie when you need him, that could have been dinner!

The beach was extremely crowded...duh, Labor Day weekend...but that meant there were tons of kids to meet & play with.

As usual, Jimmy took a nap on his towel. It wouldn't be a week spent at a beach if he didn't do that at least once. All that digging & swimming takes it right out of you.

Now it's time to get ready to head to Pickney for another short camping trip...Dances with Dirt is this weekend. Maybe afterward Mike will do something completely unusual and post on his own blog and tell all about the experience....stranger things have happend you know!

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Anonymous said...

Fun Guv,

Have Lukie check his email. I have someone that I need you guys to look out for in Pinckney.

Enjoy the camping and race!!


p.s. will you be camping in the RV off of Woodward Ave before the Free Press Marathon in October?

Nitmos said...

Go get 'em, Lukie! Take lots of pictures at DWD. I want to get in on this next year.