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Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Well, there we go ladies and gents...boys and girls.... i always wanted to start a race this way. Toe-ing the line and waiting for the gun to sound as i lift off into an early lead.

Ok, here i am at the 26th annual Pickerel Festival 10k event. It is a beauty for us slowpokes out there. My first year, i was second in my age group, last year although faster in time was a third place finish.

This may be my last sub 40 year old race, so i was going for the gold.

Guess what????? Third group down on this picture, it says Male age group 35-39, place #1 Michael Passmore.

Later an update was printed with the other runner in the age group, he got the silver. (He's a good friend who's wife has been helping me learn to swim for this weekends tri)

OK, yep it's a small race. When the 5k runners and 5k walkers moved up to their start line, y'know a 10th of a mile in front of us, i heard one 10k'er say...

"Guess, we all get a medal today"

...and the obligatory "Steers" at the finish. Notice the "impressive" 49:25...7:58 pace. but Jimmy was there "4" to cheer me on the victory.

After winning my age group, i wanted to take a minute here to officially retire from the 35-39 year old, male age group. i'm taking my game to the masters level.

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L*I*S*A said...

You da man.

We still need to give some thought to the 40/40.

Nitmos said...

And a 2 1/2 minute improvement over last year.

Too bad they spelled your name wrong on the sheet.

Nice job!

L*I*S*A said...

Perhaps the misspelling of your name is indicative of your feelings going into this race?

Anonymous said...


Steer Tange

-t said...

woo hoo!