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Saturday, July 05, 2008

As per Fun Guv,

It was nice to actually see how the Garmin can be used to help when lost in the woods. Four of us from the summer regional went running and....well the trails aren't as well marked as we would have liked and we found ourselves running in the Betsie River trail and not the trail managed by Crystal Mountain.

Quick use of the Garmin and although our 6 miler became a 9 miler. Which kinda sucked for the non-marathon..."6 miles seems long but not too bad" guy in our foursome.

Anyway, back to the expaining my views on "I am Legend". On the surface, a vampire story...with a little zombie stuff thrown in. The real depth of the story is it's evolution theme. The idea that change is a constant and there is no absolute. Our hero's legendary status is due to his ability to walk through the daylight and kill off the vampires as they slept. To the vampire nation which becomes the majority, he is a legend, and feared, and eventually destroyed out of that fear and misunderstanding.

Now, let's compare to the most recent movie version. In which our hero saves humanity, by developing a cure, for this vampirism.....except....nobody seems to ask the vampires if they want to be cured. Even though the vampires show human traits, like organization, communication, intelligence and love, because they are different than the 3 people not changed, the vampires are ill and must be cured.

To draw just one conclusion to today's world, look at the "normal" American opinion of the Muslim world. Many fears and misunderstandings are present, and this is considered a "middle east" religion. But what happens when the majority of Europeans are Muslim????

just something to think about...

Anyway, next week is the Tri...i'm a bit nervous due to the swim, but i should be ok. it's just unchartered waters for me (sorry couldn't waste the obvious pun)

Tomorrow, is my annual run and the Pickeral Festival, in glorious, downtown Algonac....don't blink....It will most likely be my last run in a non-masters division.

thanks for reading


Fun Guv said...

Excuse me...per Fun Guv, you missed the explanation of the Sunday morning I'm still drunk run. hmmmmm?

Triseverance said...

Good luck this weekend. Sonuds liek a nice 4th.

Nitmos said...

Hmmm, don't remember all of the parts of moview Legend but don't recall many feelings of "love" by the vampires. They pretty much depicted them as mindless, blood thirsty animals.

Good luck with the tri. Is the swim in a pool or pond? Pond would be good for you.