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Monday, March 03, 2008

"you sit around gettin older
there's a joke here somewhere and it's on me"

well, as another week plus has passed let's go over the past 4 runs.....

monday and wednesday....7 miles each, on the lovely treadinator...yay, good paces both runs about an 8:10 pace overall,

Saturday...6 miles, again on the treadinator, but a little skip in my step as i hit an 7:52 pace for an overall time of 47:12. i may be getting a handle on this indoor running, as i watched "Clerks II", and "Attack of the Clones"...sorta

Today....windy and rainy but outdoors and in shorts no less. temp's fell from about 40 to 30 while running and the rain has since turned to a little snow. but...outdoors again and smilin' all the way. i had 4 miles on the plan and ran them in about 7:55 pace....it was 31:40ish per the trusty Garmin soooo.....

given the marathon....which is closed registration, but i am verified as a registrant...nearly 3 months away....how am i doing??? please pipe in you BQing steers out there.

Movin On (literally)

i received word today, sort of an offer, to take an office for a financial advisor who has resigned. It's called an office in transition. Tomorrow is the first time, i will be meeting my new staff over the next two and trying to make myself at home in the new location.

While my original plan was to open a new office, i am very excited to be moving into an established branch. The short term goal was to achieve a branch and a staff. This gives me 3 days to prepare before....

Friday/Saturday.....regional, southeast Michigan regional with all the local bosses and such
Saturday...jump on a plane around 7ish and fly to St Louis, for another fun filled week of training....including office in transition training
Sunday...run 16 miles around the suburbs of St Lou
Monday-Friday.....lots of training (work stuff) with little bits of training (marathon stuff)

So anyway i may be a while before updating again.....but rest assured....Fun Guv is more than capable of filling in with a guest-ghost post.

So i got a call from a friend and co-worker from West Virginia last week asking me "whats up" with Detroit's mayor....Man, what a train wreck...so at least i have something to talk about over a beer next week.

....but, i think i need to get another post in prior to leaving, as tomorrow is a big day in the political arena, and maybe i'll need to get stuff off my brain.

thanks for reading


Triseverance said...

Mike congrats on the job opportunity, I hope it works out well.

On the running front while I have never BQ'd or even tried I think it depends on where those runs are falling in your perceived effort. If you are just cruising at an easy pace and an aerobic HR at 8:00. Then I think you have a legit shot at running a BQ time. I am very impressed with your paces lately. Good luck.

L*I*S*A said...

Yes, we can.

Nitmos said...

I agree with Triseverance in that you hold the answer to your "how am I doing" question. If you are struggling to maintain these times, you probably need to continue building base. If they are reasonably comfortable, you may want to hit some tempos or fartleks (snicker) to help increase your speed. You need a 7:40 pace to BQ. Plenty of time to get there though.

Anonymous said...


When the snow and ice melts away, do some 10 mile tempo runs. first mile easy, second mile ramp it up a bit, then crank through the next 8.

If you are hovering around 7:30 for the last 8 miles, you are in pretty good shape.

If you can squeeze in the Martian HM, that might be a good gage for you.


L*I*S*A said...

I've given up on this blog.