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Sunday, December 23, 2007

Merry Christmas!!!!

Typically, this will be a hectic few days but after an afternoon spent watching the Lions squeek out a victory, and most likely losing my fantasy football championship weekend, a few thoughts.

i watched yet another episode of Triathlon, this time a 70.3 1/2 iron man in St Croix. How is this interesting to watch??? i'm not sure but i think the road to Iron Man is a long one. First the lingo gets me confused....folks like me are called "age groupers" instead of just amatuer. This is the first change.

After checking out the lingo, i also noticed that i can't just seem to sign up. There seems to be a membership and some qualifying stuff. Honestly...i can train for anything but.... paperwork??? This is why i am a salesperson, i have an assistant for paperwork....this is not a big time ego comment, just an understanding of my strengths and weaknesses. i can do the "big picture" stuff and follow a plan and hit goals, but i'm not so much on the organization....ergo me and Fun guv', we balance each other....she's the yin to my yang.....i should probably leave my yang outta the blog post, eh??

So i will do a Tri....i have one picked out close to home... a "sprint" in New Baltimore this summer. And yes....a did the math for an Iron Man....i figure give me 3 hrs to swim 2.4 miles....best guess......but...a 16mph pace gets a 7 hour/112 mile bike ride....so figure 10 hours in and i have 6 hours to finish a marathon....it's just a matter of breaking the large event into smaller managable pieces. That's not to say some heavy duty training is not involved but.....

i am using the same math for this years planned 40 miler. Which may occur earlier than planned depending on Tange's visit and if he chooses to join us. OK got a crew...and folks to join for a few miles or so, or ride along on a bike....we're good there, always room for more but so far...things are good. 40 miles, five miles an hour and 8 hours or so....boom 40 miles.....it's not i'm planning anything else for the day. Running a 12 minute mile could be the hardest part for me (ok...weee bit of ego there, you got me), but it's the distance not the time.

But moving on to more important things....like marathon's. Well, actually...the Bayshore, as it looks like there may be 5 Steers there. Maybe 6 if i can strong arm a certain new mommy i ran with last weekend into signing up for the 1/2 or 10k. 10k would be good, cause than the Steers would be represented in each run.

But more to the point....the logo.....big thanks to GLRG, and the poll is in no ways binding, how to put it on a tech shirt and where to leave ample space for a bib, and of course.....what about our names on the back????

i'm still trying to achieve balance between; home, work, running, life and updating the blog (not to mention my blog mojo, so thanks to the friendly emails to update this thing) More on blog mojo....

i've said this, or typed this before, but to risk a long blog.....my idea to document an attempt for a BQ failed miserably after a minor injury.....so what can focus on???....random thoughts seem too random and although i believe the blog has a pace and diction, feel, mood that is honest to myself....but

i want more

i have come to realize that a few people, some who read this blog and many more who don't, have been inspired (that feels like too strong a word, but a less ego-trip inducing one escapes me, but no real ego moment) to push themselves through running, or changing a career, or approaching life differently...due, in part....to my successful (so far) reshaping of my body, through running and the changes it has brought to me.

So from those convesations....i'm trying to find a meaning to the blog....and not every post, but an occassional one....without dumping the whole thing and starting over.

So if i seem a little disconnected, my apologies as i look for a deeper, but not too deep, meaning. (whatever that's supposed to mean) - - - with occasional oxy-moronic slips, and bad punctuation...let alone spleeing.

Where was i again?? oh yeah.....

Merry Christmas!!!!!

And just due to the size, a seperate post of just pictures from a house near us.....Danny Devito watch out...you might be able to see this one from space....No flash used and pictures taken at night.....

thanks for reading


L*I*S*A said...

It would appear that we are going to do the same Tri this summer. I'm doing that one in NB, along with one closer to home in Hadley, called the Big Fish Tri. They have several distances to choose from, and I think I'm going to tackle either the sprint distance or the olympic distance. We'll see.

Love the logo, but I'm biased. ;)

Yeah, I know you're busy with 'life', but I sure do love it when you update this thang.

Nitmos said...

Hapy New Year. Merry Christmas. I owe you a phone call.

Set one goal and go for it. Don't overburden yourself with trying to hit too many goals in one year. It'll see to overwhelming.

Don't give up on the BQ either. You are closer than you think.